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ITV Fixers talks young people's politics

Many 16-year-olds in the south of Scotland will be able to vote next year in the Referendum on Independence.

Their counterparts south of the border have to wait two years before they can vote in anything.

Extending voting rights to sixteen year old is even being discussed in Westminster - but are young people interested?

In our latest Fixers update - three Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament are urging their peers to get interested in politics.

ITV Fixers: Young drivers tackle road safety issues

Every four days a young person dies, or is seriously injured, in an accident on the Border region's roads.

It is the single biggest killer of young adults in the UK, and now a group of young people - including some from our region - are tackling the issue. They want to influence a forthcoming government Green Paper on young drivers.

They gathered at a special event, with celebrities and politicians, in London, hosted by Fixers, the campaign that gives young people a voice:

To find out more about the ITV Fixers campaigns in the Border region, click here.

ITV Fixers talks youth unemployment

Youth unemployment is one of the region's biggest problems.

The proportion claiming job seekers allowance in West Cumbria is significantly higher than the national average.

In our latest update from ITV Fixers - we hear from a young man in Workington who is urging local youngsters to expect more from themselves.

Watch the full report below.



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