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Jedburgh prepares for annual Hand Ba' contest

Jedburgh has been making preparations ahead of their annual Hand Ba' game.

Shop owners have boarded up their windows in preparation for the main Hand Ba' competition Credit: ITV News Border

The game, which dates back to 1914, is based on a version of medieval football.

The boy's game began at 12pm and the men are due to play at 2pm Credit: ITV News Border

It was once played all over Scotland, but today Jedburgh is one of only a few towns that keep up the tradition.


Helmet-cam views of Jedburgh Common Riding

Our reporter Jenny Londgen with her head-cam fitted Credit: ITV News Border

Our reporter Jenny Longden has been taking part in Jedburgh Common Riding.

Following the cavalcade Credit: ITV News Border

Complete with a helmet camera, Jenny and her horse Ben joined hundreds of horses and riders as they made their way round the borders countryside.

Horses and riders stopping at Ferniehirst for a well earned break Credit: ITV News Border
Jenny and Ben at the midway point Credit: ITV News Border
Making their way back toward Jedburgh Abbey Credit: ITV News Border

Jedburgh Common Riding

Hundreds of horses and riders are expected to descend upon the Borders town of Jedburgh today to celebrate the annual Common Riding.

The event, which dates back to 1947, will see the Callant lead riders out around the boundarys of the town.

The day begins at 8.30am with the Cavalvade assembling at Back Bongate.

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