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Reward is being offered to find killer of Valerie Graves

Valerie Graves Credit: ITV BORDER

Detectives investigating the murder of Valerie Graves from Maxton near Jedburgh are offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of her killer.

The 55 year old was found with serious head injuries at her mother's home in West Sussex on December 30th.

Sussex Police have interviewed more than 200 people as part of the investigation but feel there may still be witnesses who have yet to come forward.

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£10,000 for information on the murder of Valerie Graves

Detectives investigating the murder of Valerie Graves are offering a reward of £10,000 for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of her killer.

The 56-year-old was found with serious head and facial injuries in Smugglers Lane in Bosham on the 30th December.

She had been staying at the property while the owners were away over Christmas.

Since the murder, more than 200 people have been interviewed and over 100 statements have been taken, but police still feel there are witnesses with more important information that have not come forward.

Detective Superintendent Nick May said, "This was a savage attack, where a significant level of violence was used. We know that a hammer, found nearby in Hoe Lane, was used by the offender and we are seeking the public's help to catch this person before they hurt someone else.

"We particularly appeal to anyone who knows personally, has met professionally, or has a relationship with someone who is violent and who may have used, talked about or threatened violence with a hammer in the past.

"You may have your own concerns or suspicions about this person already, but for your own reasons have not yet come forward.Let me reassure you that we can support you whatever your concerns, but this person must be caught."

Anyone with information should ring 101 or email quoting Operation Ensign.

Valeri Graves was killed in December Credit: Sussex Police


Uppies beat Doonies in Men's Jethart Hand Ba'

Uppies beat the Doonies 8-6 in the Men's Hand Ba' in Jedburgh.

The last Ba' was scored at 8 pm.

Uppies scores were by Jim Gledhill, Kevin Rae, Kevin Barrie, John Fishwick, Lenny Wyse, Tam Lothian, Ronnie Notman and Jamie Amos

Doonies scores were by Graham Slorance (2 scores), Marc Watson, Craig Cargill, Chris Gillonand Daniel Gillie (last score)

Hand Ba': 'it just gets a grip of you'

The annual Borders tradition of Hand Ba' is underway in Jedburgh.

The game, which dates back to 1914, is based on a version of medieval football.

Centuries ago, it would have involved the use of an Englishman's head, but now uses a ball with ribbons.

Billy Gillies has been involved with the sport for more than 60 years and told ITV Border why he thinks it's endured for so long:


Jedburgh prepares for annual Hand Ba' contest

Jedburgh has been making preparations ahead of their annual Hand Ba' game.

Shop owners have boarded up their windows in preparation for the main Hand Ba' competition Credit: ITV News Border

The game, which dates back to 1914, is based on a version of medieval football.

The boy's game began at 12pm and the men are due to play at 2pm Credit: ITV News Border

It was once played all over Scotland, but today Jedburgh is one of only a few towns that keep up the tradition.

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