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Three months to enforce Borders traffic order

The Scottish Border Council say it could take up to three months to put up signs that will stop people parking on zig-zag lines at schools.

The council were subject to fierce criticism after it was discovered that the road markings were not covered by a traffic order, meaning police could not take action.

In some cases lines had been painted years ago without them being covered by a Traffic Regulation Order.

The council have now announced that the paperwork for the Traffic Regulation Order's needed to cover these lines was completed on Monday 17 February, but can't be enforced until the signs can be put up. Something which could take up to 12 weeks.

Borders MSP wins US-style primary elections

A Borders MSP has been voted in as the next Conservative Candidate for Westminster in a groundbreaking election process.

The US-style open primary saw hundreds of people attend a packed out Kelso Tait Hall last night to vote.

They chose current Member of the Scottish Parliament John Lamont to contest the Westminster seat for the region next year. Jenny Longden reports.

US style open primary hailed a huge success

A US-style open primary election to find a Conservative candidate for the next General Election has been hailed a huge success.

A packed out Kelso Tait Hall during the open primary elections. Credit: ITV News Border

More than 300 people attend the question and answer session at the Kelso Tait Hall on Sunday, 16 February.

John Lamont takes questions from the audience Credit: ITV News Border

Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP John Lamont was chosen to stand against current MP Michael Moore at the Westminster elections next year.

Councillor Michelle Ballantyne is questioned Credit: ITV News Border

It was a choice between Mr Lamont and the leader of the Conservative party group at Scottish Borders Council, Councillor Michelle Ballantyne.

300 people vote in Kelso's US-style open primary

A Borders MSP has been chosen by the public to stand as the conservative candidate for Westminster next year, in a groundbreaking election process.

More than 300 people voted in the US-style open primary in Kelso last night.

MSP John Lamont was voted in as the preferred candidate for the next general election.

It's the first time a selection contest of this type has been held in Scotland, and it could be rolled out across the country.


Scottish Borders Council to bring in parking regulations on zig-zag lines

Scottish Borders Council say moves to cover zig-zag lines with a traffic regulation order will come into place in the next few months.

Currently the safety markings outside school gates are not covered by legislation, meaning drivers can get away with parking on them.

Network Manager at Scottish Borders Council, Brian Young, said:

"The zig-zags have been introduced on a school by school basis, so over the years, some have got a traffic regulation behind them, but the vast majority don't.

"We are waiting for a consolidation order that will bring them all in line, they will all be covered by a traffic regulation order in the future.

"The sooner that happens the better. The order has been made and will come into place on Monday, but it will take up to three months before signs are put up, making it enforceable."

– Brian Young
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