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Cumbrian man sentenced to 7 years

John Lowis Credit: Cumbria Police

A 44-year-old man from Cumbria has been sentenced to seven years in jail for assaulting a 52-year-old man with a hammer.

John Lowis from Shap, carried out the assault on the August 12th.

Detective Inspector Kim Fulton said:

“The assault which took place was serious and could have resulted in the victims death. He was badly injured following the attack, sustaining extremely serious injuries and it was fortunate that the injuries were not fatal.

“This was a premeditated attack, Lowis purposefully left the premises where the victim was and armed himself with a hammer in order to assault the victim.

"He waited in the area until he was able to ambush the victim and then proceeded to violently attack him. The sentence impose today reflects the serious of the assault."