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Protestors expected outside Scottish Parliament

Campaigners will be protesting outside the Scottish Parliament calling for more to be done to help households that are being affected by the so-called Bedroom Tax.

"The Scottish Budget presents the first opportunity to offer much-needed hope to those affected by the bedroom tax in Scotland and we call on John Swinney to start the ball rolling by committing £20 million extra funding."

– Graeme Brown, Director, Shelter Scotland

Scotland's Finance Secretary to set out budget

John Swinney, Finance Secretary Credit: PA

Scotland's Finance Secretary will outline his spending plans for 2014-15 this afternoon.

The draft Budget will be announced by John Swinney and debated by MSPs at Holyrood.

He is under pressure from opponents to address issues ranging from the cost of living, to college funding and childcare.

Campaigners will be protesting outside the Scottish Parliament calling for more to be done to help households that are being affected by the so-called Bedroom Tax.

"Scotland is financially stronger than UK" says Swinney

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance, John Swinney, has been commenting on the latest report from Westminster on Scottish Independence:

"It will be no surprise to people across Scotland that out of touch unelected Lords think Scotland is too small and too poor.

“All the evidence, including in this report, shows Scotland is in a far stronger financial position than the UK as a whole.

"What the Lords fail to mention is that a No vote would see Scots, within the UK, responsible for over two trillion pounds of debt and liabilities worth 145% of GDP, significantly more than an independent Scotland would face under any calculation."

– John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance


'Decisive action is needed now' says Scotland's Finance Secretary

The Finance Secretary for Scotland, John Swinney, has given his post-budget reaction:

“The Chancellor has downgraded every economic growth forecast he has made and as a consequence of his policies public sector debt is rising. Today the Chancellor should have offered a decisive injection of new capital to fuel economic recovery.

"He has however cut the hard cash the Scottish Government has available to spend and applied a “straight-jacket” of loan and equity facilities over which the Scottish Government will have no discretion and which will have to be repaid at a later date.

"Decisive action to stimulate economic growth is needed now."

– Scotland's Finance Secretary John Swinney

Finance Secretary calls for end to bedroom tax proposals

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment ans Sustainable Growth, John Swinney, has been speaking ahead of the budget this afternoon.

Mr Swinney is calling for an end to bedroom tax and says the Government have an opportunity to boost economic growth:

“This budget provides a real opportunity for the UK Government to support economic growth, protect jobs and in turn rebuild public finances.

“The Chancellor needs to reverse the cuts to Scotland’s capital budget to boost our future prosperity.

"He also need to reconsider his policies on Welfare Reform that are taking money out the pockets of Scots across the country.

"I also urge him to scrap the bedroom tax proposals. The Scottish Government’s view is clear. It is a misguided policy that must be withdrawn."

– John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth


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