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White knuckle kayaker visits Penrith school

Pupils at Yanwath School in Penrith were given a white knuckle ride this morning.

They had a visit from world renowned white water kayaker Ben Marr.

Ben was born in raised in Ontario, Canada but now travels the world taking on some of the most dangerous river rapids known to man.

He is currently on a tour of the UK talking to other enthusiasts about his adventures.


Kayak charity challenge almost complete

A mother of two disabled children from Moor Row in west Cumbria has spent 48 hours kayaking around 13 lakes in the Lake District. Dawn Raynor is hoping to raise thousands of pounds towards building a respite centre for families like hers.

"'I am determined to do this, I have to do this. There needs to be more support for families who have children with disabilities. For us the nearest respite centre is in Workington and it isn't open seven days a week. I will get this centre built. If I can do this challenge when I'm cold, hungry and shattered then that centre will be built. It will be too late to help my family but hopefully it will help others like us.'

– Dawn Raynor, as she entered her 12th lake, Wastwater

Dawn's charity 'Give us a break' needs to raise £1m to get the project going.

Mother of disabled twins prepares to kayak around 13 lakes in 48 hours

A mother of two disabled twin boys is aiming to kayak around 13 lakes in 48 hours to raise money for a respite centre in west Cumbria. Dawn Raynor from Moor Row has two teenage boys who suffer from tuberous sclerosis, which causes them to have several fits every day.

Dawn says their closest respite centre is 20 miles away and is only open three days a week. She wants to raise £1 million to open a respite centre to give parents and disabled children a break. She's hoping to raise thousands of pounds by completing the challenge on September 8th and 9th.