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Man who fell off mountain in Mountain Festival film

Local climber Joe Beaumont fell 40 meters from a crag in Eskdale in 2011. Credit: ITV Border

Cumbrian film-makers are amongst those preparing to show their films on the big screen as thousands flock to Kendal for it's 15th Mountain Festival.

Dom Bush, a filmmaker and lecturer at Kendal College has made a film about local climber Joe Beaumont who fell 40 meters from a crag in Eskdale in 2011.

"I smashed the right side of my body, lost my elbow. I remained conscious but in intensive care in Whitehaven Hospital for two days. I don't remember anything of the accident but my new mantra is 'life started from the moment of impact'."

– Joe Beaumont, Climber from Kendal

'In the Frame' tells the story of how Joe pushed his body further than anyone thought possible and used sport as a way of rehabilitating himself.

In the last three years, he's competed in climbing competitions, done a triathlon and cycled to Ben Nevis.

"Climbing has given me the drive to set a goal and a find a way round a problem, and that's what this whole thing has been about. I had to learnt to walk and to live with a disability. You need short and long-term goals. At first it was figuring out how to get a cup of tea from the kitchen to the living room. I couldn't walk but I could cycle - one-legged - so I cycled 600 miles from the lowest to the highest point."

– Joe Beaumont, Climber from Kendal

All the profits from the film are going to local mountain rescue teams.

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Film to pay tribute to WW1 Cumbrian climbers

Credit: Herford: The Life and Death of the Edwardian Climber, Simon Gee.
Credit: Herford: The Life and Death of the Edwardian Climber, Simon Gee.

Cumbrian climbers who fell in WW1 are to be remembered in a moving tribute at Kendal Mountain Festival.

'Herford', a film by Simon Gee, a Director from Kirkby Stephen, will premiere this weekend's, along side pieces of theatre in a special production commissioned for the festival.

It tells the story of 20 Cumbrians who climbed in the Lake District at a time when climbing was much more dangerous than it is now. And yet, they fell in the trenches.

Herford tells the story behind just one of the hundreds of thousands of tombstones in Northern France.

Siegfried Herford climbed one of the hardest routes in the UK on Central Buttress, Scafell 100 years ago and is one of those remembered on the highest war memorial in the world, Great Gable.


Mountain Festival could bring £2.2m to Kendal area

A Cumbria Tourism report into the economic impact in 2011 put it at around £2.2million. Credit: ITV Border

Kendal is getting ready to host its 15th Mountain Festival.

It's the biggest outdoor festival of it's kind in the world, attracting tens of thousands of visitors, putting the Lake District on the map for outdoor culture.

Cumbria's Chamber of Commerce anticipates this year's festival will bring something in the region of £1.9million to the local economy. A Cumbria Tourism report into the economic impact in 2011 put it at around £2.2million.

But the impact of the festival is likely to be felt long after the weekend is over. The Festival brings new visitors to South Cumbria and tourism providers believe they tell their friends and family and that brings visitors in all year round.

Some believe that Kendal has carved a niche for itself in hosting festivals like this, especially in the winter months when tourism dies down.

Kendal prepares for 15th Mountain Festival

Credit: ITV Border

Kendal's getting ready to host it's 15th Mountain Festival. It's one of the biggest events in South Cumbria - bringing in tens of thousands of visitors, spending around £1.9 million pounds in the local economy.

"If you took it away - if you said right, 'next year there isn't going to be a mountain film festival' - I think you would see a considerable drop, it would probably be somewhere in the region of £1500 over the course of the weekend, that may not be filled at that time of year with anything else."

– Hilary Claxton Beech House B&B

Santa visits Kendal for Xmas light switch-on

Credit: Kendal Christmas Lights Switch on

Santa, Elsa and Anna (from the Disney film Frozen) were just a few of the many visitors that attended the Christmas light switch-on in Kendal on Sunday (16th November).

Festive stalls, live music and the traditional reindeer sleigh procession entertained the crowds. A Santa Dash also raised £1000 for charity.

Click here to visit the Kendal Christmas lights switch-on Facebook page.

Credit: Kendal Christmas Lights Switch on
Credit: Kendal Christmas Lights Switch on


Car damaged 6 times - Police release CCTV image

Police want to speak to this person in connection with the incident in Kendal. Credit: Cumbria Police

Investigations are continuing into reoccuring car damage in Kendal.

The latest damage occurred to a car parked on Acre Moss Lane, believed to be at around 6am on Monday 27th October.

According to police, the suspect walked up to the car from the direction of Mossghyll and slashed all four tyres. He then left the scene after he was shouted at by the owner of the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle, a Volkswagen Passat, alleges that this is the sixth time that it has been damaged.

Police have released a CCTV image of a man they want to speak to in connection with these incidents. Anyone who recognises the person should contact Cumbria Police.

Royal Embroiderer visits Kendal tapestries

The American tapestry tells the story of its British discovery Credit: ITV news Border

The royal embroiderer who made the Magna Carta tapestries will officially open the exhibition in Kendal today (Monday).

They've been made to celebrate the eight hundredth anniversary of the Magna Carta sealing.

The intricate works have come to Quaker Tapestry Museum before anywhere else in the north.

Magna Carta Tapestries: In Pictures

The 15th June 2015 will be the Magna Carta's 800th birthday Credit: ITV Border

The Magna Carta tapestries are on display in Kendal's Quaker Tapestry Museum.

8 of the 12 tapestries are on display in Kendal Credit: ITV Border
The textures and intricacies of the work are highly skilled Credit: ITV Border

They were designed by the Royal Embroiderer.

They tel the story of the Commonwealth countires Credit: ITV Border

Kendal is the first place in the North to get them.

Magna Carta Tapestry exhibition opens in Kendal

The Magna Carta will be 800-years old next year. Credit: Kendal Quaker Tapestry Museum

Tapestries that have been made to commemorate the 800th anniversary of signing of the Magna Carta have been put on display in Kendal.

The 12 tapestries have been sewn by Royal embroiderer Rhoda Nevins and 8 of them are on display in Kendal's Quaker Tapestry Museum from 1 November to 29th November.

The Magna Carta was signed on 15th June 2015 by King John, limiting the powers of kings and queens to protect the people's liberties. It is one of the most important documents in Britain and the Commonwealth.

The rest of the tapestries will be finished by May in preparation for celebrations with the Queen in June.

"It is lovely to have eight of the twelve tapestries here as well as Rhoda Nevins to talk about them at the launch event. The 'tapestries' as we call them are actually embroidered panels made in a similar style to the museum's own 77 Quaker Tapestry panels. The panels produced by Rhoda and her team are beautifully done and this exhibition presents a rare opportunity for people in the North of England to see them at a local venue."

– Bridget Guest, Museum Manager
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