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Residents evacuated as Kendal fire spread

People were evacuated from their homes on Saturday evening as a major fire spread at Mintsfoot Industrial Estate in Kendal.

"There was black smoke and then there were flames appearing over the buildings and at about 11.30pm they asked us to leave our home."

– Ronald Barnes, evacuated from his home
Fire crews continue to work at the scene on Sunday morning Credit: ITV Border
The damaged buildings at Mintsfeet Industrial Estate Credit: ITV Border

Kendal businesses damaged in major fire

A number of Kendal businesses have been damaged by a major fire, which broke out on Saturday night.

Furmanite, Mardix and Westmorland Glass were all damaged in the fire on Mintsfeet Industrial Estate.

Fire crews battled through the night to try and tackle the blaze, and were still pumping water into the buildings as daylight broke on Sunday morning.

Credit: Joe Thomas
Credit: Joe Thomas
Credit: Joe Thomas
Credit: Joe Thomas
Credit: Joe Thomas


Kendal indoor play centre to close

Fun for Kids, or the Fun factory as it is known, is closing Credit: ITV Border

One of Kendal's only indoor play areas, Fun for Kids, is closing after 20 years amid financial concerns.

The owners, Andy and Nicola Kaye, say a long dry summer last year and changes to the age at which children can go to nursery have led to less business.

"Last year, from May to November it was massively, massively dry. It rained of an evening but most of the time through the day it was dry. This has an adverse effect on soft play centres - all across the country, not just us. And also the fact that the Government have lowered the age at which parents can send their children to nursery. Initially I didn't think this would affect us but it instantly had an effect on us."

– Andy Kaye, Fun for Kids Kendal

The change he is referring to is that the government now offers 2-year olds from the lowest income families 15 hours of free nursery education a week as well as 3 and 4 year olds.

The aim is to bring down childcare costs and help parents get back to work but the Department for Education says it doesn't want to comment on this case.

Fun for Kids has been open 20 years. Credit: ITV News Border

Protesters gather at Council meeting

Protesters have gathered outside Kendal's County Hall Credit: ITV Border

Protestors against cuts to jobs and services have gathered outside Kendal's County Hall today.

Cumbria County Council is meeting there to vote on its budget for the next three years, which includes proposals to cut 1,800 jobs.

Central government funding for Cumbria is being reduced by £83,000,000 between now and 2018.

They are protesting cuts to jobs Credit: ITV Border
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