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WATCH: Scottish Labour leader accused of saving SNP

Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale has been accused of saving the SNP Government from defeat in a council tax debate, after her vote did not register.

She told ITV Representing Border that she DID vote, and that it must have been down to a technical problem.

The Scottish Parliament told ITV Representing Border that voting consoles in the chamber have now been checked, and they are satisfied the system is working properly.

Labour wins in Carlisle by-election

Credit: PA

The Labour party has won a Carlisle City Council by-election.

Anne Glendinning stood for the party, after the death of councillor Ged Caig in May triggered the election in the city's Castle Ward area.

Labour won the election with 398 votes, with Melissa Andrews, standing for the Conservatives, coming second with 228 votes.

Carlisle City Council now has 52 councillors, of which 27 are Labour, 20 are Conservative, four are independent and one is a Liberal Democrat.


Local Elections England 2016: Labour HOLD Carlisle City Council

Credit: ITV Border

Labour HOLD Carlisle City Council.

One third of the seats were contested.

Labour lost one seat to an independent candidate but still have 27 seats overall and remain in control of the council.

turnout at the polls in Carlisle, with 24,046 votes made.
  • Labour - 27 seats
  • Conservatives - 20 seats
  • Independent councillors - 4 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - 1 seat

Around The House: Tonight at 10.45pm (11.10pm ITV Border Scotland)

Paul Brand presents this month's Around The House from Westminster Credit: ITV Border

Paul Brand talks to Floods Minister Rory Stewart about planning for future flood prevention: the studio panel discuss the Government's response to the crisis, and the Labour reshuffle.

Around The House is at 10.45pm tonight (Thurday 21 January) on ITV (11.10pm on ITV Border Scotland).

Hawick Knitwear job losses 'highlight need for more investment' in Borders

123 people have been made redundant. Credit: ITV Border

More than 100 jobs are set to be lost at Hawick Knitwear, as the company has been placed into administration.

A representative for the local Labour party says his heart goes out to the workers affected, and that the news shows the need for more investment and jobs in the Scottish Borders:

To say I’m sad about the job losses is an understatement and my heart goes out to every worker and family in Hawick who will be affected by this.

The booming textile industry was once the backbone of the Borders that employed thousands of workers but for a long time has been in decline, but what’s important is that we do everything we can to make sure that the workers of Hawick Knitwear are given assistance with future employment and that they get all the help they need and I want to make it clear that Scottish Labour in the Borders will do everything it can to help.

The latest job losses further highlight the need for more investment and jobs being created in the Borders."

– Barrie Cunning, Scottish Labour
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