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Swapping the Xbox for the outdoors

They've just been named the UK's Best Charity in this year's National Lottery Awards for giving a voice to inspirational young people around the country, with the help of ITV.

Tonight's update from Fixers comes from the Lake District. According to recent figures just three percent of visitors are under the age of 25, with young people apparently dismissing it as an expensive place for the elderly. Now a group of students has enlisted the help of Fixers to change that:


Councillor says Lake District footpaths are 'awful'

A Langdale Councillor says new footpaths in the Lake District are ruining the landscape.

The Lake District National Park Authority says the paths are now more noticeable because they've been made more accessible for families and for people with disabilities. Fiona Marley Paterson reports.

Cumbria hoped to be 'adventure capital of the UK'

A councillor from Langdale has argued that new footpaths have ruined the beauty of the Lake District.

However, others believe that the Lake District's purpose is to be enjoyed by visitors. The new paths make the landscape more accessible to visitors.

Richard Greenwood from Cumbria Tourism agrees and says that people should embrace adventure sports. He adds that the Lake District should be more accessible to those seeking adventure sports if the Lake District's tourist economy is to keep thriving:

On the right path: Lake District enhanced by routes

A councillor has argued against new footpaths in the Lake District, saying that they spoil the view.

It has started a discussion about the purpose of the Lake District - whether the landscape should be preserved or whether it should be adapted to allow visitors to enjoy it more.

Judith Moore from Friends of the Lake District. The organisation campaigns to preserve the beauty of the Lake District and believes that building and maintaining footpaths is an important part of preserving the Lake District's beauty.

Lake District is a 'man made' landscape says ranger

Steve Tatlock is the Langdale Ranger for the Lake District National Park Authority. As part of his job he must consider the question of how best to preserve the Lake District National Park and is responsible for putting in the new paths.

He says that the paths are consistent with the ever-changing landscape, but getting the balance right between nature and accessibility for visitors can be difficult:


'We're a national park not a theme park'

New footpaths have been laid in the Lake District to make the landscape more accessible for visitors.

However, Councillor Jean Birkett from the Langdale Parish Council believes the footpaths ruin the view:

Steve Tatlock is a Langdale Ranger for the Lake District National Park. He argues that the paths allow more people to enjoy the area:

Footpaths: Awful or allowing for adventure?

Lowland footpaths in the Lake District Credit: ITV Border

A councillor in Langdale says that the new footpaths are ruining the landscape.

However, the Lake District National Park have argued that the paths make the park more accessible to families and people with disabilities. They have put a bid for a World Heritage status which will focus on the people and culture of the landscape, for example by encouraging more people to have adventures in the Lake District.

Cumbria Tourism also wants to encourage visitors to make the Lake District the adventure capital of the UK by 2018.

Credit: ITV Border

People are 'coming back to the Lake District for more'

If you're in England, this weekend is the last bank holiday of the summer - and many people will be heading to Cumbria and southern Scotland to get away for a few days.

Tourism bosses in the Lake District are reporting a good summer so far - and are hoping the weather stays dry over the next few days.

Hannah McNulty has been speaking to holidaymakers and businesses.

Help the mountain rescue team

If you're heading onto the hills this bank holiday weekend, "make sure you're prepared". That's the plea from mountain rescue teams ahead of the bank holiday weekend.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue team in the Lake District had five calls last weekend, including a family who phoned for help and then failed to notify emergency services once they'd made it to safety.

The team says this wasted time but could have put other people at risk. Katie Hunter reports:

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