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Rescued divers found clinging to a buoy

A lifeboat. Credit: ITV Border

Both of Eyemouth's lifeboats were called out this weekend to help three divers who were found clinging to a buoy.

Shortly after 5:35pm on Sunday Aberdeen Coastguard launched the boats to rescue the divers, who were trying to swim to shore but were struggling against the strong tide.

The inshore lifeboat was first on scene and quickly located the three divers who were clinging to a marker buoy, just to the south of Eyemouth.

They were taken onboard the boat before being transferred to Eyemouth lifeboat, where they were checked over and taken back to the town.

Workington lifeboat rescues fisherman

Credit: ITV Border

Lifeboat crew rescued an injured fisherman a mile off the west Cumbrian coast yesterday.

Workington RNLI's boat, SirJohn Fisher, was launched shortly before 4:30pm to go to the aid of a crew member from the Maryport fishing boat, Bruno.

The man had suffered a serious injury after his hand became trapped in his vessel's anchor chain.

After being given first aid at the scene he was transferred to Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary.