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Local Elections England 2016: Labour HOLD Carlisle City Council

Credit: ITV Border

Labour HOLD Carlisle City Council.

One third of the seats were contested.

Labour lost one seat to an independent candidate but still have 27 seats overall and remain in control of the council.

turnout at the polls in Carlisle, with 24,046 votes made.
  • Labour - 27 seats
  • Conservatives - 20 seats
  • Independent councillors - 4 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - 1 seat

Counting begins for Carlisle City Council election

Counting begins at the Sands Centre in Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

Despite the first ballot box arriving at the Sands Centre in Carlisle shortly after 10.00pm, the counting has finally begun four hours later.

A third of the seats at Carlisle City Council are up for grabs.

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Local Elections 2016: The first ballot box arrives

The first ballot boxes have arrive at the count in Carlisle

Ballot boxes have begun arriving at the Sands Centre in Carlisle ahead of a count that will decide who controls the city council.

One third of the Council's seats are up for grabs.

Before today's election, ten were held by Labour, five by the Conservatives, three by independent councillors and one by the Liberal Democrats. Before the election, Labour controlled the city council with 28 seats in total.

The Conservatives had 20.

The count will start after votes have been separated between the Council ballot papers and the Police and Crime Commissioner ballot papers. Counting is expected to end in the early hours of Friday morning.

The PCC votes will be counted on Friday morning at 11am.

Local Elections England 2016: Cumbrian candidates, wards and polling stations

Carlisle City Council wards, candidates and polling stations:

South Lakeland wards and corresponding candidates:

Cumbria Crime Commissioner candidates and statements:

Voters go to the polls across Border region

Elections will be held on 5 May in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Credit: PA

Polling stations across the region have opened as voting begins for several important local elections.

Scottish voters will be electing their representatives for Holyrood, while in Cumbria, elections are being held to elect a third of the seats of Carlisle City Council, and a third in South Lakeland District Council.

Elections for Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner are also taking place in Cumbria today.

You can keep up to date with the respective elections in Scotland and England here:

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