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Government to support Lockerbie scholarships

George Osborne announces the government will support the Lockerbie-Syracuse Trust which offers scholarship opportunities to students both side of the Atlantic.

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Iran denies new Lockerbie bombing claims

Iran denied any involvement in the Lockerbie bombing in the face of the new allegations it contracted Palestinian and Syrian militants to carry out the attack.

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New documents obtained by Al-Jazeera claim to show Iranian militants were behind the 1988 attack that killed 270 people. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham told AFP:

We reject any claims of Iranian involvement in this act of terror. Iran's stance not only on this case but on all terrorist-related issues is quite clear: Iran flatly denies (links) to any act of terror.

'Nothing new to Lockerbie claims' says Crown Office

Scotland's Crown Office says there is 'nothing new' in the latest claims that Iran was responsible for the Lockerbie air disaster.

"Mesbahi's claim that Iran was responsible was first reported in the media in the late 1990s and was available to the defence before the trial but they did not call him as a witness.

"The only appropriate forum for the determination of guilt or innocence is the criminal court, and Mr Megrahi was convicted unanimously by three senior judges. His conviction was upheld unanimously by five judges, in an Appeal Court presided over by the Lord Justice General, Scotland’s most senior judge.

"As the investigation remains live, it would not be appropriate to offer further comment."

– Crown Office spokesperson


Documentary suggests Iran caused Lockerbie bombing

The Lockerbie bombing was ordered by Iran in retaliation for a US strike on an Iranian passenger plane, a new documentary has claimed.

Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was convicted of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland in which 270 people were killed more than 25 years ago.

But former Iranian intelligence officer Abolghassem Mesbahi has told an Al Jazeera documentary that the bombing was ordered by Tehran. He says it was carried out by the Syrian-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.

It's claimed it was in retaliation for a US navy strike on an Iranian commercial jet six months earlier, in which 290 people died.The US ship apparently mistook the plane for an F-14 fighter jet.

"Iran decided to retaliate as soon as possible. The decision was made by the whole system in Iran and confirmed by Ayatollah Khomeini.

The target of the Iranian decision makers was to copy exactly what's happened to the Iranian Airbus. Everything exactly same, minimum 290 people dead. This was the target of the Iranian decision makers."

– Abolghassem Mesbahi, former Iranian Intelligence Officer

Search underway for missing 13-year-old boy

Sean Turner may be trying to travel to the Liverpool area Credit: Police Scotland

Police Scotland are searching for a 13 year old boy reported missing from the Lockerbie area. Sean Turner was last seen on Friday evening. It's thought he may be trying to travel to the Liverpool area.

Sean is described as 5’7”, slim build, with dark brown hair, an olive skin tone and has a Bradford accent. He may be carrying a black and grey holdall.

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Sean or has any information as to his current whereabouts, are asked to contact Lockerbie Police on 101.

Olympic medallists back home from Sochi

Our region's olympic curlers have returned home to a heroes' welcome.

The men's skip and silver medalist David Murdoch arrived at Edinburgh Airport yesterday along with the bronze medal winning women.

Lockerbie's Anna Sloan and Claire Hamilton - as well as Vicki Adams from Stranraer - were greeted by jubilant friends and family.

Neil Billingham reports.

Our olympians: "It was an incredible feeling for all of us"

Our region's curlers have returned home from the Winter Olympics to a heroes welcome.

The men's skip, Lockerbie's David Murdoch won silver in Sochi and he was all smiles on his arrival at Edinburgh Airport.

The women won bronze in Russia. Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams, and Anna Sloan, who are all also from Dumfries and Galloway, showed off their medals to family and friends.

Earlier in the day the team had met Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street.

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