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Mundell urges patience in Lockerbie investigation

David Mundell, MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, says people need to wait patiently for results from the latest stage of the Lockerbie investigation.

The Scottish Minister was speaking exclusively to ITV Border:

There are no short term answers that are going to emerge that haven't emerged over that period.

I think people have to be patient but I think it is a positive development and we should look at it in that way."

– David Mundell MP


Lockerbie bombing: 'if it was Libya, it was Gaddafi'

Throughout the Lockerbie bombing investigation, questions have been raised about the involvement of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the crime.

Oliver Miles spent a short time as British Ambassador to Libya in 1984, and he isn't certain Libya was involved at all.

But he says if the country was involved, it was certainly organised at the highest level:

Don't forget that Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the crime, was convicted of conspiracy. No-one imagines that he acted alone.

There must have been a team, if he was part of it, it was a Libyan team, and if it was a Libyan team, it was Gaddafi."

– Oliver Miles, former British ambassador to Libya

Lockerbie bombing: family still hopeful for justice

One month after it was confirmed there were two new suspects in the Lockerbie Bombing investigation, there appears to have been very little progress.

Former British ambassador to Libya, Oliver Miles says he fears the truth of what happened may never be known.

He also says he's not 100% convinced Libya was involved in the 1988 downing of Pan Am flight 103.

But not everyone doubts Libya's involvement. Susan Cohen is the mother of one of the 189 Americans who were on board:

I want to make clear that to the American families there is no issue about whether it was Megrahi, and whether it was Libya."

– Susan Cohen

At 77, Susan is still hopeful she will live to see justice done.

Lockerbie bombing: 'we will probably never know the truth'

Pam Am flight 103 Credit: PA

A former British ambassador to Libya says he's not convinced questions will ever fully be answered about the Lockerbie bombing.

It's a month since Scottish prosecutors announced they want to speak to two Libyan suspects in connection with the downing of Pam Am flight 103 in 1988 which killed 270 people:

I think we will probably never know the truth, I would say one major reservation, or exception is that, I could imagine there might be a deathbed confession.

Someone who was involved might on his deathbed tell the story, so to speak."

– Oliver Miles, Former British Ambassador to Libya

High value theft in Lockerbie

Police in Lockerbie are investigating a break-in at Lockerbie Bowling Club which took place between 9.00am on Thursday (29th October) and 9.00am on Friday (30th October).

The value of property stolen is approximately £20,000 including grass cutting equipment.

This seems to have been a targeted raid and would have required a vehicle to remove the property. We ask anyone who may have seen anything suspicious around the area of the bowling club over this period to let us know on the 101 system."

– DC Scott Barr, Police Scotland


Crown Office 'aware of Lockerbie reports'

The Lockerbie bombing. Credit: PA

The Crown Office says it is aware of the reports of new suspects in the Lockerbie bombing case:

We are aware of the reports concerning the two Lockerbie suspects.

The Crown will continue to work with the British Embassy as well as colleagues in the United States regarding the investigation."

– Crown Office spokeswoman

MSP: I hope Crown Office take up Libya invite

Dr Elaine Murray, MSP for Dumfriesshire Credit: ITV Border

Dr Elaine Murray, MSP for Dumfriesshire, has welcomed news that investigators have been invited to Libya to question new suspects in the Lockerbie bombing case:

I think it's good news. I hope the Crown Office will take it up. I think there's still many questions over what happened to Pan Am 103 so the more we can find out the better."

– Dr Elaine Murray MSP for Dumfriesshire
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Libya confirms identity of two new Lockerbie suspects

The Libyan government has confirmed the identity of two new suspects in the investigation into the Lockbie bombing.

The suspects - left to right - have been named as Mohammed Abu Ejaila, otherwise known as Abu Agila Mas'ud and Abdulla al-Senussi. Credit: ITV News

A spokesman for the government in Tripoli named the Libyan pair as Abdullah al-Senussi, Colonel Gaddafi's former spy chief, and Mohammed Abu Ejaila, who was named widely in earlier reports as Abu Agila Mas'ud.

The Tripoli official said the Libyan attorney general's office had not been officially informed about the two suspects.

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