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Police issue 'pink tablets' drug warning

Police have issued a drugs warning following a number of substance-abuse related incidents. Credit: PA

Police in the Scottish Borders have issued a drugs warning following a number of incident involving substance abuse over the last week.

Several young people have experienced adverse effects after consuming an unidentified pink tablet.

On Wednesday, five males, all under the age of 16, were taken to Borders General Hospital for severe sedation after apparently taking the unknown substance.

Today, a further four males from the Hawick area were admitted to hospital after allegedly consuming the tablet.

They were also under the age of 16.

Inspector Calum Welsh, who is based at Melrose Police Station, said:

These recent and unfortunate incidents highlight the significant dangers of taking non-prescribed drugs.

It is clear that the, as yet unidentified, pink tablets are extremely potent and should be avoided at all costs.

We believe there are more tablets circulating, particularly in the Hawick area, and my message to the public is to stay vigilant.

I would urge anyone who has taken the tablet and who feels unwell, or knows anyone who appears unwell after taking the substance to please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

– Inspector Calum Welsh


Email probe officers relocated

Hawick Police station Credit: ITV News Border

Seventeen officers from Lothian and the Borders Police are being moved to other departments while misconduct inquiries continue.

The officers are being investigated after emails of a racist and sexual nature were allegedly found on an internal computer system.

Four civilian staff will also be moved to other departments, and a 51-year-old has already been suspended.

Borders Police investigated over racist and sexist emails claims

Hawick Police station Credit: ITV News Border

Seventeen officers and four civilian staff are under investigation in the Borders over allegations of racist and sexist emails.

Lothian and Borders Police say they have suspended a 51-year-old officer and identified another sixteen officers and four staff who appear to be involved.

All of the people are from G Division, which covers the Borders from its headquarters in Hawick.

A police spokesman said it was a huge disappointment that such emails had been circulated on the police system.

400 offences detected in two day motoring crackdown

A major operation to target motoring offences across the Scotland/England border has been hailed as a success.

Almost 400 offences were detected during the two day initiative last week.

Six police forces teamed up to carry out roadside checks on more then 700 vehicles travelling across the border.

32 vehicles were seized after the drivers were found to have no insurance or license, and a further 200 offences were found.

An estimated £32,000 worth of stolen equipment was also recovered during the operation.

"As well as identifying several hundred offences, Operation Overlord has helped police in Scotland and England gather vital intelligence, which will prove essential for future enforcement initiatives.

"This operation did not target vast majority of law-abiding motorists, who travel through Scotland and England each day, but those who commit various crimes while on the road network.

"I would like to thank all of the agencies involved for their co-operation and support, which ensured Operation Overlord sent a clear message that offences on our roads will not be tolerated."

– Brian Jones, Temporary Road Policing Inspector, Lothian and Borders Police

Crackdown on road crime

A police officer speaks to a HGV driver Credit: ITV News Border

On the first day of 'Operation Overlord', police stopped 350 vehicles on roads in the south of Scotland, Cumbria and north-east England.

200 traffic offences, from serious to minor, were recorded.

Eighteen vehicles were seized as a result of drivers not having a license or insurance. One vehicle was seized after it was found to contain illegal red diesel.

A stolen mini-road roller and a stolen quad bike were also recovered, and three people were taken into custody.

Searching for stolen goods in the back of a lorry Credit: ITV News Border

Inspector Brian Jones from Lothian and Borders Police was at a checkpoint near Eyemouth on the A1 today.

He said:

“We try and do these checks every three or four months first and foremost it gives reassurance that we are out there, trying to deter criminals from using our road network.

"And also, criminals nowadays aren’t like Miami Vice, they use the road networks to get from A to B.

"So it is very important we nip those people in the bud when they are crossing between Scotland and England. "


Criminals will be 'robustly dealt with' say police

A total of six police forces have joined together to target motoring criminals on the southern Scotland and northern England border.

As well as searching vehicles, other supporting agencies, such as the Benefits Agency and the Motor Insurance Bureau, will help identify people responsible for other crimes like metal theft and drug trafficking.

"The majority of motorists who utilise the road network between Scotland and England need not worry themselves with our presence over the next couple of days.

"However, a small number of people use these arterial routes to commit crimes North and South of the border and all the police forces are working closely together to bring these individuals to justice.

"As well as deterring and detecting crime, police will use this opportunity to gather intelligence on criminals who regularly move between both countries."

– Superintendent Denise Mulvaney, Head of Road Policing for Lothian and Borders Police

Cross-border police operation

A joint operation to search vehicles on the Scottish/English border is being carried out by police from north of England and southern Scotland forces.

It is hoped that the operation will help identify motorists carrying out offences such as speeding, drink and drug driving, driving without a seatbelt and driving without a valid licence.

The activity is part of an ongoing initiative by Lothian and Borders Police to try and deter criminal activity on the routes between both countries.

Partners from VOSA and SEPA will assist with roadside checks, ensuring that all vehicles are roadworthy and pose no risk to the environment.

Life-saving toddler honoured at awards

Rowan dialled 999 and told the emergency operator her mummy was sleeping and wouldn't wake up Credit: ITV News Border

Four-year-old Rowan Rychel has received an award at the Lothian and Borders Police Meritorious awards in Edinburgh.

The toddler was just two-years-old when she dialled 999 after her mum, Francesca, lost consciousness and fell to the floor in September 2011.

Rowan spoke to an emergency operator and said, 'My mummy is sleeping and she won't wake up'.

Police officers arrived at their home in Innerleithen and forced their way in.

Francesca was then taken to hospital for treatment.

Award winners have shown 'exceptional courage'

"As police officers we come across crises and emergency situations in our day-to-day business, but these awards recognise the times when officers and members of the public have shown exceptional courage beyond the call of duty.

"The criteria for winners is clear - they have been in a situation where they have taken a decision to act for the benefit of others, often risking their own lives in the process, and it is this public spirit that we are pleased to recognise in each and every one."

– David Strang, Chief Constable, Lothian and Borders Police
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