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Downton Abbey twins win fans worldwide with TV debut

The family of twins who are starring in the new series of Downton Abbey say they are amazed by the response after their tv debut.

Logan and Cole Weston from south Cumbria are appearing in the current series of the hit ITV show as baby George, the son of Lady Mary Crawley and her late husband.

The first episode aired on Sunday night to an audience of more than nine million and the boys already have a legion of fans from around the world, as Hannah McNulty has been finding out:

"It's strange watching the twins on tv" says nana

"We had never watched it before, but we got all three series and watched them all and really got into it. It's a brilliant programme.

"I think they have a lot more viewers now because all of my family and friends, all the boys friends and everyone in this area is watching it.

"When we went to the studios there was paparazzi waiting for us, which was really nice.

"It's so strange watching the twins on tv, because they were so little when they were filmed and are a lot bigger now."

– Amanda, the twins' nana


Cumbrian twins star in Downton Abbey

Logan and Cole Weston at home with their mum Charlotte and nana Amanda Credit: ITV News Border

Twins from the village of Meathop in south Cumbria are starring in the new series of Downton Abbey.

Logan and Cole Weston play baby George, the son of Lady Mary Crawley and her late husband Matthew.

The boys' Nana, Amanda, said all the family were watching as well as the whole village.

Mum Charlotte said viewers have been in touch from as far away as Istanbul and Italy to tell her how much they have enjoyed seeing them on screen


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