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Melrose Festival Week begins

The Melrose Festival Week begins today as Common Riding season swings into full flow.

The festival began in 1938 and culminates in the Common Riding which is held on Saturday 21st June.

Other events scheduled for the week include fancy dress parades, rideouts and the crowning of the Festival Queen.

The final ceremony takes place at Melrose Abbey where over 800 years of history are recalled and the granting of the foundation charter by David I is re-enacted.

Melrose Abbey damaged

Police Scotland officers in the Borders are appealing for witnesses following damage to an external wall at Melrose Abbey.

A 10m stretch of the dry stone wall on Annay Road, Melrose is thought to have been hit by a vehicle on March 17.

It is thought the repair will cost more than £1,000.

"The dyke, which has been reconstructed within the past 18 months, appears to have been hit at low speed, possibly by a large vehicle carrying out a three-point turn.

"There are no markings or debris left on the road so it looks like the wall has been hit with low impact. But it is a hit and run nevertheless, and a costly one, so we would urge any members of the public with any details that may assist the investigation to come forward."

– PC James Thompson, Police Scotland



Melrose: The home of Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens is a tournament that originated in Melrose in the Scottish Borders.

Teams from all over the world travel to Melrose to play at the "home of rugby" every year.

Rugby sevens is a variant of Rugby Union, but there are seven players in each team instead of 15, and the games are shorter.

Then ten most prestigious of the Borders tournaments make up a league competition which is called the Kings of the Sevens. Teams gain points dependent on their progression in individual tournaments.

The winner has ten points, the runner-up takes seven, semi-finalists gain five points and those who are eliminated keep three points.

The history behind Melrose Sevens

Rugby Sevens was founded in Melrose back in 1883 and is now played internationally

The idea of the sevens tournament.was thought up by Melrose-based butcher, Ned Haig, as a means to generate more cash for the rugby club.

Melrose Sevens was first played at The Greenyards, Melrose Rugby Club's home ground, where it is still played today. This year is the 124th tournament.

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