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New parking scheme for Borders General Hospital

A new parking scheme has been introduced at the Borders General Hospital in Melrose.

Parking charge notices will now be issued to any vehicles that are found to be incorrectly parked at ay time.

This applies to vehicles parked on footpaths, yellow lines, ambulance bays, painted chevrons, grassed areas and disabled spaces if a valid disabled badge is not displayed.

Designated short stay car parking will be available for patients, visitors and staff who are only going to be at the hospital for up to four hours.

This designated short stay parking will be enforced between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.


Melrose rugby player Sam Chalmers faces doping allegations

Melrose RFC's Sam Chalmers is to due to face an International Rugby Board hearing this week, after allegedly testing positive for a banned substance.

The 19 year old, who is the son of former Scotland international Craig Chalmers, did not take part in Melrose's premiership match this weekend.

Scottish Rugby Union and the International Rugby Board have both declined to comment on the allegations until after the hearing.

Full report: Fatal caravan fire in Melrose

Forensic investigations are underway after a caravan caught fire on a residential street in the Scottish Borders. The blaze killed one man.

The vehicle was parked in the driveway of a house in Melrose when the fire broke out on Saturday night, July 27.

So far, Police Scotland hasn't been able to release the name of a victim or to say whether or not it was an accident.

People living on the street have described seeing a ball of fire.

Watch Kim Inglis' report here:


Investigation after body found following caravan fire

Scene of the fatal fire
A body was recovered following the fire on Saturday night in Melrose Credit: Borders Press Agency

A Police investigation is underway after a person died following a caravan fire in the Borders.

Firefighter were called to the blaze at around 10pm on Saturday night on a driveway in Melrose. The caravan was totally destroyed and the body of what is believed to be man was recovered from inside.

Police Scotland have confirmed there was one fatality and say they are investigating the blaze. A forensic tent was set up around the scene on Sunday.


Prince William's Indian heritage is 'a very positive story'

Alistair Moffat, managing director of BritainsDNA, explained the thinking behind the research:

What we're trying to do is look at Britain and the whole national genome, but everybody is interested in royal DNA.

Royal lineages have been of public interest for centuries. We simply came across this and followed it up. It's a very positive story.

Mr Moffat also researched some of the historical background and found that Theodore Forbes was the third son of a landowning family and had gone to India to seek his fortune.

It was pretty clear to him that he wasn't going to inherit the property, so he came down to Leith (near Edinburgh) and I believe he got involved in the tea business.

He made contact with the East India Company and got himself a job. He went out (to India) as a young Scotsman on the make and it appears he was successful.

That's where he met Eliza and he employed her as his housekeeper. It wasn't uncommon for young British men to have relationships with Indian women.

Mr Moffat said it was "fantastically exciting and unexpected" to uncover such as story in the future king's family tree.

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