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Michael Pattie named meningitis charity ambassador

Michael Pattie.

A man from Dumfries who's raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Meningitis Research Foundation, has been named the charity's first Scottish ambassador.

Michael Pattie began fundraising when his son died of meningitis.

He's been involved in the charity for many years, and will now help the organisation to spread awareness in an official capacity.

Campaigner backs Meningitis vaccine plans

Campaigner Michael Pattie Credit: ITV Border

A father from Dumfries who lost his son to Meningitis has welcomed the news that all UK babies will soon have access to a vaccine against the B strain of the disease.

Michael Pattie's son David died in 1999 and he has campaigned since then for a vaccine to be available on the NHS.

The Government's agreement with drug company GlaxoSmithKline will mean the vaccine can be introduced later this year.

Previously the government had only agreed that children over two years old could get the vaccine.


Dumfries man looks to speed up introduction of Meningitis B vaccine

Michael Pattie lost his son to Meningitis Credit: ITV Border News

A Dumfries man who competed in The People's Strictly for Comic Relief has made a fresh call to speed up the introduction of a Meningitis B vaccine.

Michael Pattie lost his 13-year-old son David to another strain of the disease in 1999. However, he said the competition had given extra profile to a campaign to get the vaccine brought into use.


Bexsero 'Holy Grail' of treatment for Meningitis

Michael Pattie, from Dumfries, has described Bexsero as the 'Holy Grail' in treating the Meningitis B type of the disease.

He is calling for immediate use of the vaccine.

It was approved for use in the UK in March, but is still only available to private buyers.

The cause of the delay is ongoing negotiations over pricing between the drug company and the Department of Health.

Department of Health: Novartis' current price is too high

The drug was approved for use in the UK last March Credit: Novartis Vaccine

The Department of Health has responded to claims that a price dispute is delaying the use of a new drug to fight Meningitis.

Dumfries man Michael Pattie has called for the urgent introduction of the vaccine, which was approved for use in the UK last March.

He has blamed disagreements over pricing as the cause of delays to the use of the vaccine.

The Department of health say that the current price published by Novartis Vaccine is too high.

“We are very clear that we want to see this vaccine introduced as soon as possible to help protect children from this devastating disease.”

“The JCVI recommended that a MenB vaccine be introduced, but only at a cost-effective price – below the price published by Novartis. We need to make sure NHS funds are used effectively and negotiations are continuing.”

– Spokesperson, Department of Health

Novartis Vaccine: we are working towards an agreement

The company behind Bexsero says it is working towards an agreement with the Department of Health Credit: Novartis Vaccine

The drug company behind Bexsero has responded to criticism from a man from Dumfries.

Michael Pattie says the availability of the 'holy grail' of treatment for Meningitis B as been delayed because of disputes about the prices between the company Novartis Vaccine and the Department of Health.

He has called for the introduction of the vaccine as soon as possible.

The company says it is working to come to an agreement.

"Novartis Vaccines is currently engaged in a procurement process with the UK Department of Health to agree a price for Bexsero to be included on the National Immunisation Programme.

"Whilst it is not possible to comment on the process, or predict how long it will last, both sides are working to come to an agreement and Novartis Vaccines stands ready to supply Bexsero immediately.

"Unfortunately the confidential nature of this process makes it impossible for Novartis Vaccines to comment further on any elements of the negotiations."

– Norvartis Vaccine
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