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Scrapyard visits across Cumbria

A county wide crackdown on metal thefts is being carried out by Cumbria Police.

Officers, in conjunction with the Environment Agency and local councils are visiting scrapyards to ensure a new cash free system is in place.

The operation follows a new law which came into effect this month which is aimed at halting the growing number of cable thefts across the country.

"Today we're looking at the new piece of legislation that began on the 3rd December where scrapyards must pay for scrap metal by cheque or bacs transfer they can't pay cash for scrap metal anymore.

"Once upon a time if you found some scrap metal say on the side of the road or you had some of your own you could just fetch it here and it was cash in hand and that's something that's now been stopped so it's not that access to easy cash any more."

– PC Roly Earl, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Cumbria Police