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Only milliner in Scotland to use 'blocking machines'

Yvette Jelfs uses blocking machines to create many of her hats.

The metal moulds are used to shape and sculpt different types of hats, from vintage shapes to trilbies and top-hats.

Yvette says it is the only milliners in Scotland that uses these machines:

"It has actually taken 20 years probably to get all these blocks together, I have scoured the country to find them.

"A block will cost about £700 a piece to get actually made up depending on the shape, but obviously we can do 200 hats a day on these, rather than taking a hat on a wooden block which takes about two days to make one hat.”

– Yvette Jelfs

Hawick's milliner to the stars

A milliner who designs hats for royalty and the rich and famous has set up a new base in Hawick.

Yvette Jelfs has chosen the former mill town for her workshop and design studio.

Her couture hats have been worn by fashionistas around the world, but she is tight-lipped on some of her more famous clients:

"Well we have a very good clientele list but we don't sort of, you know, people come to us because they like the fact we are probably quite quiet and tucked away.

"What people do like is that we have got the river right outside next door, watching herons and this, that and the other but our clientele list actually travel quite a long way to see us which is fantastic.”

– Yvette Jelfs

Hats off for new Borders shop

An internationally renowned hat maker to the stars has decided to set up shop in Hawick.

Yvette Jelfs, who has made hats for Kate Moss and Amanda Redman, has converted a former sandwich shop in Noble Place into a design boutique.

The 45-year-old decided to settle in the borders due to the proximity of fabric makers producing cashmere, knitwear and tweed.

The couture shop sells hat ranging from £250 to £600.