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Motorists warned of flooding risk

Motorists in Cumbria are being urged to take extra care due to worsening weather conditions and heavy rainfall.

Cumbria Police say driving conditions have deteriorated after the first heavy downpour following weeks of dry weather.

There has been a road traffic collision on the A595 between Wabberthwaite and Bootle near to the Swallowhurst junction, which police are currently dealing with.

The road is blocked and motorists are advised to use alternative routes.

Road surfaces have become slippery or ‘greasy’ and officers are particularly concerned about the dangers this presents for bikers and motorway users.

Motorists are advised to reduce their speed, take extra care and be particularly aware of motorcycles around them.


400 offences detected in two day motoring crackdown

A major operation to target motoring offences across the Scotland/England border has been hailed as a success.

Almost 400 offences were detected during the two day initiative last week.

Six police forces teamed up to carry out roadside checks on more then 700 vehicles travelling across the border.

32 vehicles were seized after the drivers were found to have no insurance or license, and a further 200 offences were found.

An estimated £32,000 worth of stolen equipment was also recovered during the operation.

"As well as identifying several hundred offences, Operation Overlord has helped police in Scotland and England gather vital intelligence, which will prove essential for future enforcement initiatives.

"This operation did not target vast majority of law-abiding motorists, who travel through Scotland and England each day, but those who commit various crimes while on the road network.

"I would like to thank all of the agencies involved for their co-operation and support, which ensured Operation Overlord sent a clear message that offences on our roads will not be tolerated."

– Brian Jones, Temporary Road Policing Inspector, Lothian and Borders Police

Crackdown on road crime

A police officer speaks to a HGV driver Credit: ITV News Border

On the first day of 'Operation Overlord', police stopped 350 vehicles on roads in the south of Scotland, Cumbria and north-east England.

200 traffic offences, from serious to minor, were recorded.

Eighteen vehicles were seized as a result of drivers not having a license or insurance. One vehicle was seized after it was found to contain illegal red diesel.

A stolen mini-road roller and a stolen quad bike were also recovered, and three people were taken into custody.

Searching for stolen goods in the back of a lorry Credit: ITV News Border

Inspector Brian Jones from Lothian and Borders Police was at a checkpoint near Eyemouth on the A1 today.

He said:

“We try and do these checks every three or four months first and foremost it gives reassurance that we are out there, trying to deter criminals from using our road network.

"And also, criminals nowadays aren’t like Miami Vice, they use the road networks to get from A to B.

"So it is very important we nip those people in the bud when they are crossing between Scotland and England. "

Criminals will be 'robustly dealt with' say police

A total of six police forces have joined together to target motoring criminals on the southern Scotland and northern England border.

As well as searching vehicles, other supporting agencies, such as the Benefits Agency and the Motor Insurance Bureau, will help identify people responsible for other crimes like metal theft and drug trafficking.

"The majority of motorists who utilise the road network between Scotland and England need not worry themselves with our presence over the next couple of days.

"However, a small number of people use these arterial routes to commit crimes North and South of the border and all the police forces are working closely together to bring these individuals to justice.

"As well as deterring and detecting crime, police will use this opportunity to gather intelligence on criminals who regularly move between both countries."

– Superintendent Denise Mulvaney, Head of Road Policing for Lothian and Borders Police

Cross-border police operation

A joint operation to search vehicles on the Scottish/English border is being carried out by police from north of England and southern Scotland forces.

It is hoped that the operation will help identify motorists carrying out offences such as speeding, drink and drug driving, driving without a seatbelt and driving without a valid licence.

The activity is part of an ongoing initiative by Lothian and Borders Police to try and deter criminal activity on the routes between both countries.

Partners from VOSA and SEPA will assist with roadside checks, ensuring that all vehicles are roadworthy and pose no risk to the environment.


Road closed Dumfries and Galloway

Morotists are being warned to take care on roads across Dumfries and Galloway due to the heavy rain that has been falling.

Many roads across the region are becoming flooded because of water running off adjacent fields and verges, often carrying stones and gravel with it and motorists are being warned to be aware of standingwater on many roads, and the dangers of driving in such circumstances.

Lights should also be switched on when visibility is poor.At present the A75 road through Dumfries and Galloway is closed at Twynholm because of flooding and diversions are being put on which will take motorists around this closure.