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Yes vote for lift on mountain bike course

Local residents have voted yes for a mechanical uplift for mountain bikers at Traquair Forest.2488 people voted yes, compared to 184 voting against the uplift.It means the community group AIMUp can now submit an application to go ahead with building the lift.

They now need to raise £5.5million to finance the development.Total votes:

  • 2722 cast a vote at a 66% return
  • 2488 yes votes: 91% of vote
  • 184 no votes: 6.8% of vote
  • 50 spoilt ballot papers

More yes votes for mountain bike lift

There have been more yes votes Credit: ITV Border

The community are 'confident' they have enough yes votes for uplift for a mountain bike lift. Counting has place in Innerleithen, to determine how many yes votes were recorded in a ballot to see a mechanical uplift built in a Borders forest.

2722 out of a possible 4100 took part in the ballot.

It's not yet known how many of those are yes votes just yet, but it looks likely that there are more than the 50% needed to proceed with the next stage of getting a lift built for mountain bikers.


Vote on Mountain bike chairlift question

A community group hoping to have a chair lift built on a Borders mountain biking route will find out if they have enough local support for the project.

A ballot has taken place among residents of Innerleithen, Walkerburn, Cardrona, Traquair and The Glen, over proposed plans to build an uplift in Traquair forest.

Community group AIMUp need half of the 4100 residents to vote in order to secure a lease of the landThe results of the ballot will be clear by Friday afternoon.AIMUp chairman Ian Campbell says:

"This is a great chance for this community to say yes to a proposal that would bring jobs, visitors and an economic boost to the Tweed Valley".

– Ian Campbel, AIMUp Chairman


Bikers from around the world in the Scottish Borders

One of the biggest downhill mountain biking races in the UK is to be held in the Borders this weekend.

The opening round of the iXS European Downhill Cup comes to Innerleithen on Saturday and Sunday.

Around 300 competitors, including some of the world's best riders, will take part in a specially constructed track through Traqhuair Forest.

Organisers expect around 3,000 spectators to watch the event.

A top level cycling event is also being held in Dumfries, as the British Cycling criterium takes to the streets on Friday.

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