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World Owl Trust 'don't feel wanted' at Muncaster

The World Owl Trust say their current agreement with the estate managers is being terminated and unless they can negotiate new arrangements, they'll have to leave by May 2015.

The charity claims the new terms are not financially viable, but the estate say negotiations are ongoing and in tough financial times it's having to review the way the owl centre is run.

The Muncaster estate says it's willing to negotiate but the Trust says it's looking for new premises. Honorary President Tony Warbuton said: "the owl trust is looking for somewhere new to be based, we do not feel we are wanted anymore at Muncaster."

Muncaster: 'There is always a home for owls here'

Peter Frost-Pennington who runs Muncaster Castle says there will always be a home for owls on their site.

But he says they have been forced to review the way the owl centre is run by the World Owl Trust due to a weak economy.

"We are committed to the conservation work that the centre does, as well as the wider conservation work we undertake at Muncaster.

"The last few years have been difficult for Muncaster, like many other tourist attractions, due to the weak economy and we need to make sure that every part of the attraction is operating effectively.

"As part of this we are reviewing the way the owl centre is run. That is what we have said we would like to discuss with the World Owl Trust, which currently runs the centre, and other organisations."

– Peter Frost-Pennington, Muncaster Castle

He added their aim is to continue having an owl centre at Muncaster that works in the best interest of the owls and visitors.


Fool of Muncaster to be announced

Mr Spin, a vaudevillian juggler from Australia, is a previous winner of the competition Credit: Brian Sherwan

The winner of the 2013 Muncaster Fool competition will be announced later today.

The medieval castle near Ravenglass in Cumbria was the home of the original Tom Fool and launches a search every year for a new jester.

The castle is believed to be the only castle in the world which still employs a modern day jester.

The winner of the prestigious jester title will be awarded with beer for a year, as traditional Court Jesters were always paid in ale.

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