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Deputy Prime Minister gets behind Cumbrian education funding

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said he hopes a new fund announced by the Department of Education to help children from disadvantaged families will "help our youngest children get on in life."

It's hoped the new fund will make children better off in their education Credit: PA

He said:

“Every child in Cumbria deserves the chance to fulfil their potential, and this extra funding is a boost to help our youngest children get on in life and succeed.

“Boys and girls from poorer families have often already fallen nineteen months behind their better off classmates by the time they hang up their coat on the first day of school. Increasing their chances of success has got to be a top priority.”


Nick Clegg warns of 'false patriotism'

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has warned voters against being lured into 'false patriotism', which is offered by Scottish independence or leaving the EU.

At the Scottish conference in Aberdeen, Nick Clegg called for unity and to support the partnership that has 'served us well'. He further argues that independence may isolate countries and damage alliances that have continued for many years.

'Either you believe that in an uncertain world, we have strength in numbers, as our party believes. Or you think - mistakenly in my opinion - that countries can stand alone and still stand just as tall.

It's seductive to some, there's no doubt about it: breast-beating nationalism always is. But leading a nation is about responding to the world as it is, not as we might like it to be.'

– Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg



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