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Police launch new non-emergency phone number

Dialling 101 is the new non-emergency police number Credit: ITV News Border

A new non-emergency number to contact police throughout Scotland has been launched.

The '101' number allows the public to contact the police to report a crime that does not require an emergency response team.

Members of the public can also use it to speak to a local officer or to ask for advice.

The introduction of the new service is aimed at reducing the pressure on the 999 system, as well as making it easier for the public to pass on information.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill said:

"When it’s not an emergency, 101 is now the main number to call your local police.

"It is an easy to remember way to contact the police anywhere in Scotland, to report a crime, receive advice or speak to a local officer.

“The non-emergency number is one of many benefits of moving to the new single police service by doing things differently and better.

"It has the potential to reduce pressure on the 999 system, allowing the police to prioritise the most urgent calls for help."

Deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired callers can access the service via TextRelay on 1 800 1 101.