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Mull of Galloway campaign underway

People living around the famous Mull of Galloway lighthouse could end up owning most of the historic site.

The company which has owned the site for nearly 200 years is selling off 30 acres of land and buildings.

A campaign is getting underway by some locals to try and secure the site.

As a result, The Mull of Galloway Trust has been set up.

Under Scottish law, the group get first refusal on the land after it has been valued by the Scottish Government.

The money to buy the site, which doesn't include the lighthouse, which is still operational and owned by the Northern Lighthouse Board, will come from a grant.

A meeting is being held next Thursday to try and get support from people living in the Kirkmaiden parish.

Lighthouse land sale "once in a lifetime opportunity"

The chance to buy land and buildings that are being sold at Scotland's most southerly point is being called the chance of a lifetime. Steve Hardy, a director at The Mull of Galloway Trust, also siad there is plenty more work to do:

"Providing we get the support of the community, then the Mull of Galloway Trust will be submitting an application for funding to purchase. This is a once in a life time opportunity for the community to own what is a main tourist attraction, which with proper management will not only provide a reasonable income that will be distributed back into the community but will ensure that this A listed site is preserved for future generations."

"If everything goes to plan and we are able to raise the necessary funding, then hopefully the purchase will take place in April 2013. We as a Trust are aware that there is a lot of hard work yet to do, but we are confident that we shall have the support of the community in our endeavours"

– Steve Hardy, Director at The Mull of Galloway Trust,


Lighthouse land sale: Community ballot will be held

Steve Hardy is one of the directors of the Mull of Galloway Trust, he explained what will happen now the Northern Lighthouse Board has decided to sell the land and buildings around the Mull of Galloway lighthouse.

"Now that the NLB has given formal notice of their intentions to sell the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, the Scottish Government will appoint a valuer who will provide a valuation of the land and buildings which are for sale.

"Once this valuation has been received and agreed upon, then we will be holding a ballot within the community to ensure that everyone is in agreement with our going ahead to make the purchase. The ballot will be open to every registered voter who is entitled to vote within the Kirkmaiden Parish. "

– Steve Hardy, Mull of Galloway Trust

Galloway lighthouse land for sale

Land that has been part of the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse for the past 183 years is to be put up for sale. The Northern Lighthouse Board has decided to sell the 30 acre reserve on Scotland's most southerly point.

The sale includes all of the buildings apart from the actual lighthouse tower and the quarter decks. They will continue to be a fully operational navigation aid.