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60th anniversary of Calder Hall nuclear station

Calder Hall Credit: ITV Border

Today marks 60 years since the opening of the world's first commercial nuclear power station at Calder Hall in west Cumbria.

The Queen carried out the ceremony on October the 17th 1956. The plant produced electricity for the national grid for almost 50 years.

"I think Calder Hall marked the start of the civil nuclear industry and it paved the way for 47 years of successful generation, with no significant events here at Calder and the birth of the civil nuclear industry across the UK."

– Glyn Thomas, Head of Operations, Calder Hall

Construction on £15million nuclear begins

Credit: Lakes College

The start of construction on a £15million nuclear college is being made on land near Workington today.

The National College for Nuclear will be built on the site of the Lakes College at Lillyhall.

The facility is part of a national programme to provide skilled workers in strategic industries and will train students in specific areas of nuclear operations.


Giant doors installed at 'one of Sellafield's most hazardous buildings'

The first giant door to be installed at the nuclear site Credit: Sellafield Ltd

It's being described as a massive step towards cleaning up one of the most dangerous buildings at Sellafield.

The second of six giant doors arrived at the nuclear site this morning.

Once installed the doors will allow scientists to access waste which dates back to the 1940s - when the site's purpose was to make material for nuclear weapons:

This is a very big milestone in what we do. Just getting to this point, seeing us physically putting up the equipment to retrieve this waste because this is one of the highest priorities here at Sellafield. It's a critical mission not just for Sellafield, for Cumbria but for the whole nation in order to get this waste into safe stores.

– Gary Snow, Sellafield Ltd
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