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Doubts raised over Moorside nuclear development

The proposed development has been thrown into doubt. Credit: NuGen

The development of a new nuclear power plant in west Cumbria, which could bring 21,000 jobs to the region, has been thrown into doubt.

Toshiba has a 60 percent stake in NuGen, the company behind the planned Moorside development.

But last week, the Japanese company is reported to have said it's reviewing all nuclear power projects outside Japan, including Moorside.

Last month, the company said it might have to write off several billion dollars because of the purchase of CB&I Stone & Webster by Westinghouse, Toshiba's US subsidiary.

Cumbrian MP John Woodcock is to seek an urgent statement in Parliament on Wednesday following the news, which he's described as "alarming".

The government need to provide urgent assurances that they are doing everything within their power to ensure there are no problems with this project and that it will go ahead as planned.

That includes reviewing the reckless decision to pull out of the Euratom nuclear authority, and making it clear that they will not make decisions in our Brexit negotiations that will imperil the future of our nuclear industry.

– John Woodcock MP, Labour


60th anniversary of Calder Hall nuclear station

Calder Hall Credit: ITV Border

Today marks 60 years since the opening of the world's first commercial nuclear power station at Calder Hall in west Cumbria.

The Queen carried out the ceremony on October the 17th 1956. The plant produced electricity for the national grid for almost 50 years.

"I think Calder Hall marked the start of the civil nuclear industry and it paved the way for 47 years of successful generation, with no significant events here at Calder and the birth of the civil nuclear industry across the UK."

– Glyn Thomas, Head of Operations, Calder Hall

Construction on £15million nuclear begins

Credit: Lakes College

The start of construction on a £15million nuclear college is being made on land near Workington today.

The National College for Nuclear will be built on the site of the Lakes College at Lillyhall.

The facility is part of a national programme to provide skilled workers in strategic industries and will train students in specific areas of nuclear operations.


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