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NuGen apologises to Mirehouse residents

A number of public meetings took place on Wednesday evening addressing concerns over the impact a new power station in West Cumbria might have on nearby houses.

The meetings were held after 1600 people living in and around Whitehaven, received letters giving the impression their homes will be compulsory purchased to make way for the Moorside project.

Nuclear Company NuGen has since apologised and says not all properties will be affected.

Kate Walby was in West Cumbria last night:


Radioactivity levels cut by 70% at Sellafield fuel pond

Sellafield nuclear site Credit: PA

Sellafield say that work to clear up the last of nuclear fuel at the Pile Storage Pond has meant a reduction in radioactivity levels by 70 per cent.

The removal of fuel from the 68-year-old pond is part of Sellafield's 100 year mission to clean up the nuclear site- which is the most complex site in the UK.

The fuel has been transferred to a modern storage building, with the company saying it's now much safer for the public and environment.

New nuclear waste machine arrives at Sellafield

It was transferred through Beckermet. Credit: ITV Border

Part of a machine which will play a crucial role cleaning up the most hazardous building at Sellafield has arrived on site.

The 50-tonne component was transferred three miles by road from Beckermet.

It will retrieve radioactive waste from the Magnox Swarf Storage facility.


Anti nuclear campaigners protest at firm's birthday party

Radiation Free Lakeland. Credit: ITV Border

Protestors from Radiation Free Lakeland have demonstrated outside an open day at Direct Rail Services in Carlisle.

DRS, who are celebrating their 20th birthday, open their doors to the public so they can have a look at their locomotives.

Anti nuclear campaigners want to stop radioactive waste material coming in the county by rail.

We want to stop the continued transportation of radioactive wastes to Sellafield.

The uranium fuel for the three diabolic reactors planned in Cumbria (Moorside) would also be transported via train.

Should anything ever happen to one of these flasks, then we would all be exposed to a mixture of highly dangerous and long lasting radioactive particles."

– Radiation Free Lakeland

'Mass of plutonium at Sellafield for decades ahead'

There is a massive store of plutonium stored at Sellafield. Credit: ITV News

A report on how to deal with some of the 100 tonnes of plutonium stored at Sellafield is due by the end of the year.

The minister for Energy and Climate Change, Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, told the House of Lords there would be a mass of plutonium at Sellafield for many decades ahead.

We are expecting, at the year end, to have the options put in front of us by the nuclear decommissioning authority, and then move to a decision.

But he will be aware that, even when a decision's made, there will be a mass of plutonium at Sellafield for many decades ahead.'

– Lord Bourne, Minister for Energy and Climate Change
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