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Richard Rose Central Academy out of Special Measures

Credit: ITV Border

Carlisle's Richard Rose Central Academy has come out of Special Measures, according to the results of an Ofsted inspection in March.

It was the first inspection since the Academy was taken over by United Learning in September 2014.

In its findings, leadership of the academy was graded as Good, while all other areas were judged to Require Improvement.

In their report, inspectors praised staff and pupils, and said "there has been a marked improvement in the behaviour of students and the attitudes they display."

However, inspector's also said that several areas still required improvement, including achievement of pupils, behaviour and safety of pupils, and inconsistencies in some areas of teaching.

The Academy says it is encouraged by Ofsted's report.

This is very good news with which to begin the summer term.

"Everyone at the academy knows that it is a very different place to several years ago and we are all encouraged by this recognition by Ofsted that the changes we have introduced are having a demonstrable impact.”

– Neil Hutchinson, Headteacher of the academy

Top marks for children's centre

The children's centre Credit: ITV Border

A Sure Start Children's centre in Carlisle has been given an 'Outstanding' certificate following its most recent Ofsted report.

Carlisle West Newtown Sure Start Children's Centre is holding a celebration event for all local parents and their children to celebrate achievement.

Mrs. Nicky Robley, Children's Services Manager explained:

"We look forward to hosting this celebration event as a thank you to all the children and parents who have made this Newtown Children's Centre an Outstanding Centre.

"We have been humbled to see the progress that families have made at the Centre in such a short period of time and would like to celebrate this success. "

Children's Centres are places that offer access to a range of support for families with children aged 0-19 years, through offering accessible services for all parents with more support targeted at those who need it most.