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Experts hopeful for new ospreys in Cumbria

A large osprey tracked in the Scottish Borders Credit: ITV News Border

Hopes are high that a new pair of ospreys in Cumbria will make it 13 years of successful breeding at a site near Bassenthwaite.

Both of the birds are unringed and experts believe they are new to the area.

The first osprey egg in Scotland was laid at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project near Peebles the Scottish Borders last week.

First osprey egg is laid in Scotland

The first osprey egg in Scotland has been laid in the Borders. Staff at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project near Peebles say they are delighted. The birds only arrived back at their secret nest on April 3rd. Ospreys have been nesting in the Tweed Valley for more than 15 years.

"It's been another year of pretty bad weather for them but it seems that the ospreys are getting used to dealing with the cold and snow when they first return.

"This is the tenth season where they've come back to a sturdy nest, thanks to the work of Forestry Commission Scotland's conservation rangers, and with this first egg, things are looking promising.

"As you'd expect, the mother osprey has been fussing over it and has made sure that she's found the best position for incubation. Hopefully there will be more eggs to come - but for now it's all good news."

– Osprey information officer Daine Bennett


Border's Osprey Eggs

Last years Ospreys Credit: Forestry Commission

Organisers for the Tweed Valley Osprey project are hoping for a busy viewing season now that they have spotted two eggs in the next.

The first egg was laid around the 9th of April which means hatching could be as early as mid May, possibly making the chick the first to hatch in Scotland.

The organisers for the project have spotted two eggs to date but because the nest is piled high there could be more just out of sight

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