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Hawick otter "like the local dog"

A wild otter is causing quite a stir in a Borders town, because it has become so tame, it approaches people for food and eats from their hand.

The otter has been spotted several times in and around the River Teviot in Hawick.

One man said "it is like the local dog, you put scraps down for it, and it just comes to you."

However, concerns have been raised that feeding the otter in this way has made it tame, which could be dangerous not only for the otter but also for the public.

The stretch of river is in Wilton Lodge Park, which is very popular with dog walkers.

It is also thought that the animal has been visiting nearby homes, where it has eaten dog food.

It's not a good idea to feed a wild otter. They have plenty of food in the river, and they eat fish, not dog food, which could be bad for them.

"Encouraging a wild otter to be around humans is also not a good idea, because if someone gets bitten, it becomes a big problem."

– Spokesperson, Otter Survival Fund