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Penrith man hit by motorbike at World Cup

A football fan from Penrith has been knocked over by a motorbike whilst on holiday in Brazil for the World Cup.

Mark Fisher was crossing the street in the host city of Belo Horizonte when a motorcyclist hit the 25-year-old.

Mr Fisher suffered several bruises and a fractured tooth and is currently in a local hospital.

A spokesman said the motorcyclist fled the scene of the accident.

'Illegal raves' leave Beacon Hill littered with rubbish

A section of the wall has been damaged by campers and revellers Credit: Cumbria Police

Police are calling on the community of Penrith to help stop an area of the town from being littered with rubbish and damaged, after a large group of young people are thought to have held a number of 'illegal raves' at Beacon Hill.

The police are calling on locals to help stop the damage Credit: Cumbria Police

Around 30 to 60 young people are believed to have been involved - with some camping at the site following the gatherings on Friday and Saturday nights.

Litter is being left behind after gatherings take place in the area Credit: Cumbria Police


Penrith flying the flag for Armed Forces week

People in Penrith have taken part in a flag raising ceremony at the town hall to mark the start of Armed Forces Week.

Events are taking place across the country this week in the run up to National Armed Forces Day on Saturday 28 June.

The flag was raised in Penrith today to mark the start of Armed Forces Week. Credit: Eden District Council

The chairman of Eden District Council, John Thompson, today raised the Armed Forces Day flag with David Stonehouse, Chairman of The Penrith and District Branch of The Royal British Legion.

School recovering from stomach bug outbreak

Staff advised parents to keep ill children off school for two days Credit: ITV Border

Around 90 youngsters have been affected by a stomach bug at a school in Cumbria.

The gastroenteritis outbreak at Beaconside Primary School, in Penrith, is not believed to be linked to food preparation.

Parents had been advised to keep their children, who have been ill, off school for 48 hours. The school says it is now back to 95 per cent attendance.

Exploring the concept of adventure at Rheged

Organisers say anyone can have an adventure Credit: ITV Border

An exhibition exploring what the word 'adventure' means to different people is currently on display at the Rheged Centre near Penrith.

It encourages visitors to get out and have their own adventures by exploring their local area. An idea pioneered by adventurer Alastair Humphreys.

It's a daily exhibition that runs until Sunday 13 July. It includes contributions from Julian Cooper, Derek Eland, Richard Fisher, Roy Fleming and many more.


Public meeting on the future of town council

More than 10 per cent of voters in Penrith petitioned for a town council Credit: ITV Border

People in Penrith will have their say on whether they're in favour of having a town council.

Eden District Council is holding a meeting tonight, Monday 16 June, in the town where councillors will speak to residents.

They'll discuss the services a town council could deliver and listen to views on the issue. The people of Penrith rejected the idea in 2001 and again 2008.

Celebrating splashes of fun for 50 years

The pool in the 60's Credit: Lazonby & District Swimming Pool

Villagers in Lazonby are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their community pool.

The pool was built by volunteers from Lazonby, Great Salkeld and Kirkoswald in 1964. It was a project led by the Headmaster at the time, Mr Hume.

Since its early days, the community have looked after the pool and worked together to keep it going, so this is a special celebration.

Games like this will be re-created in the celebrations Credit: Lazonby & District Swimming Pool
The pool has been run by volunteers for 50 years Credit: Lazonby & District Swimming Pool

Charity golf day brings 'Beefy' to Penrith

Ian 'Beefy' Botham will take part in a charity gold day in Penrith Credit: PA

The former England cricketer Ian Botham is playing in a charity golf day at Penrith to raise money for Leukaemia Research.

He's coming because the captain of Penrith Golf Club, Phil Park has a daughter-in-law with the illness.

Sir Ian will meet Penrith school boyTom Starkey who is in remission from leukaemia.

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