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Man critically injured in motorbike crash

The Pride of Cumbria helicopter on the A66 near Penrith Credit: ITV News Border

A man is critically ill in hospital after a motorbike crash near Penrith.

It's believed the motorbike was the only vehicle involved in the accident. The man, thought to be aged between 61 and 70, suffered multiple injuries.

After being assessed at the scene he was flown by the Great North Air Ambulance helicopter, Pride Of Cumbria, to hospital in Newcastle.

His condition on arrival was said to be stable.


CCTV appeal after Penrith burglary

Police want to speak to this man. Credit: Cumbria Police

Police are investigating a burglary at a hotel in Penrith.

It happened at the George Hotel on Devonshire Street between 9am and 12:45pm on Tuesday 8 September 2015.

The offender entered a staff only area within the hotel and stole a red purse, money and a mobile phone from the handbags of staff working at the hotel.

The stolen purse was later found on West Lane, Penrith, with money missing.

Police have released this CCTV image, and want to speak to the man pictured in connection with the incident.

The male pictured entered the hotel via the rear car park at 12.11pm and exited three minutes later.

Police want to speak to this man. Credit: Cumbria Police

Girl, 15, missing in Penrith area

Eve Woods Credit: Cumbria Police

Police are concerned for the welfare of a 15-year-old girl who has gone missing from the Penrith area.

Eve Woods recently moved to the area from Manchester, and was last seen at midnight yesterday in Blencow, near the town.

She is described as white, of slim build, 5ft 3” tall, with long dyed auburn hair.

She may have been wearing black leggings and black fabric trainers when she went missing, but there are no further details.

Eve may have travelled to the Manchester area and is familiar with both the city centre and the Sale area.

Police are concerned for her wellbeing and want anyone with information to contact them on 101.

They're also urging Eve to let police know she is safe and well, if she sees this appeal.

Memories of the Queen: 'not many people have sat in the Royal Limo'

Robin Bell, from Penrith, is a retired police inspector for Cumbria Constabulary.

In 1991 he was tasked with protecting the Queen on her visit to Penrith... and he ended up helping a young child, too.

The Queen's visit to Cumbria in 1991. Credit: ITV Border

All officers had a briefing by the Superintendent at the Police Station .and advised on the protocols of addressing embers of the Royal Family and that the Queen would take all the flowers from the children only in the front row.

I was assigned the right hand side of the forecourt of Mansion House as I was aware of some persons likely to be in the crowd who were well known anti-royalists and had photos of them..

The public were held behind steel crowd control barriers and the area was sealed off one hour before the Royal party arrived. I saw the Queen and the Duke walking through the gates of Mansion House then faced the crowd which included young children in the first line behind the barriers. I then herd the tap tap of high heeled shoes coming up behind me and then the Queen appeared at my side. She said “aren’t these flowers lovely officer” I responded “Yes your majesty”.

The party moved along and after a couple of minutes out of the corner of my eye to my left I saw a lot of sudden movements of the entourage and the Queen walked quickly towards me.

She said ”Officer there is a small child trapped behind the barriers, do something” I replied “Yes Marm” and saw a very small child with face against the barriers as the crowd surged forward.

I lifted out the child to the other side of the barrier and told it to stay there. When the Queen orders you to do something one must obey."

– Robin Bell

On a previous royal visit, in 1980, Robin cleaned the Royal car, and ended driving it back to where the Queen was staying:

Not many people can say I have sat in the Royal Limo."

– Robin Bell


GCSE results day: Hall of fame

Amy Hullock from Ullswater Community College Credit: ITV Border

Amy Hullock from Penrith got 7A*s and As.

She competes for England at Taekwondo and was at the world championships in Italy until the day before her history exam.

"I'm really, really happy with my results!"

– Amy Hullock, Ullswater Community College
Jack passed all of his exams. Credit: ITV Border

Jack got three B's and two C's in his GCSE results.

I didn't fail anything, so that is good going"

– Jack Ennion, Ullswater Community College
Ellis Hope from Ullswater Community College Credit: ITV Border

Ellis was very pleased with her results which included 2A*s, 2A's 3B's a C and a D.

I felt so sick, I was so nervous but now I'm really really pleased with how i've done"

– Ellis Hope,Ullswater Community College
Thishini Manukularthna Credit: ITV Border

Thishini Manukularthna from Ullswater Community College got 4 A's and 4 B's in her GCSE results today.

I would like to thank my teachers who worked extra hours to help me"

– Thishini Manukularthna

Cumbrian minister promises better times ahead for farmers

The Penrith MP and junior Environment Minister Rory Stewart has promised there will be better times ahead for dairy farmers at a meeting in Cumbria. The MP told around 200 farmers that world markets will pick up and that the Government will do all it can to prevent volitility in milk prices. Mr Stewart addressed the farmers at a crisis meeting at Rheged near Penrith this evening. The crisis in dairy farming has come about because many farmers say the price of milk is less than the cost of production.

There is of course light at the end of the tunnel. It is true that the global population is growing. It is true that demand for milk goes up all the time in places like China. The first thing that anyone in China or Indonesia wants to do when they grow weathy is buy milk and milk products. The secretary of state has also been very detirmed to get closely involved in whether we can set up proper hedging on prices so comodity prices jump around up and down year by year, can we set up a proper market so that's averaged out and smoothed over so people aren't going from boom to bust."

– Rory Stewart MP. Penrith and the Border

Farmers meet to discuss milk price

Protests over milk prices Credit: PA

Hundreds of our region's farmers and those with a stake in the dairy industry are meeting in just over an hours' time in Cumbria.

It comes as milk producers say current prices are going to force many of them out of business.

But not everyone is of the opinion that supermarkets are entirely to blame for the plummeting price of milk. One leading agricultural economist Sean Rickard has said dairy farmers should not expect "hard pressed" consumers to subsidize them.

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