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Queen donates pigeon to Carlisle charity

The Queen has donated a baby pigeon to a charity hoping to raise £10,000 to build a monument in memory of animals who died in both world wars.

The bird comes from her collection of racing pigeons from the lofts at Sandringham.

The Animals in War Memorial Monument fund will sell the pigeon alongside others in September and think the royal fledgling could raise up to £500.

"The pigeon fraternity loves the queen, she's a good fancier herself and she has won a lot of honours and for her to give us a pigeon up in Cumbria it is just fantastic for us, we are thoroughly grateful.

"We want the monument in Bitts Park beside the castle because of the historic part of it all and young people will see the monument and for what it is for, and what it is about and it will be an education for young people."

– Stephen Glencross, Carlisle

So far the group have raise £1,000 toward the memorial which will depict a soldier releasing a pigeon alongside a horse and dog.

"Pigeons in the war effort were very, very important to the war effort. Hundreds of thousands were killed in both world wars.

"They saved many many lives and the pigeons received 32 Dickens medal, horses, dogs and cats also received it and that's why the monument is about animals in war."

– Bill Southward