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Police Scotland respond to reaction to public counter closure proposals

The Assistant Chief Constable of Police Scotland has released a statement in response to proposals for public counter provision to be reduced across the region.

"Following the launch on Tuesday this week of the public consultation into our review of public counter provision, it was good to see a wide range of views expressed in the media yesterday.

"Over the next 4 weeks of the consultation period, we want to continue to hear feedback from the public, elected members and partners in both the voluntary and statutory sectors. Information about our proposals has been loaded onto the Police Scotland website and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

"Having reviewed all the media reporting on this important issue yesterday, there is only one point that I would like to make absolutely clear.

"This salient point is that my review of the public counter provision is definitely not about closing entire police station buildings.

"My review is about rationalising the front counter provision and making front counter opening hours consistent across the country and it's absolutely geared toward meeting local demand.

"It's also about keeping as many police officers as possible out on the street, where they belong, keeping people safe."

– Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson