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Pylon proposals 'not welcome' at Netherby Hall

Credit: ITV Border

The owner of Netherby Hall near Longtown is hoping that Scottish Power think again about building a new overheard power network which would finish near Harker.

Scottish Power say the new line is needed as part of an infrastructure upgrade, but owner Gerald Smith is hoping to change their mind.

"The idea that you'd then build a big line of pylons through there seems to me that you would do that at Stowe or Castle Howard and therefore i think why would you go to the extra expense of diverting off an existing route in order to spoil the landscape? It seems to me to make no sense whatsoever."

– Gerald Smith, Owner, Netherby Hall


Power from water in Borders

The first modern hydroelectric plant in the Scottish Borders is to be built near Selkirk.

Fast flowing water on the River Ettrick will be turned into enough electricity to power more than 200 homes.

The project on the Philliphaugh estate has been approved by councillors, and is expected to be completed by next summer. It also includes an upgrading of the famous salmon viewing centre and fish pass.

  1. Jenny Longden

Hydro power plan

Site of hydro scheme Credit: ITV Border

Work to build the first modern hydro-electric plant in the Borders is underway.

The £1.3m scheme is to be installed at Murray's Cauld on the Ettrick water near Selkirk. It's expected to generate enough electricity to power more than 200 homes.

Councillors approved the project earlier this month.

It will also see improvements made to the cauld, including new fish passes for different species such as salmon and eels.

Progress has been hampered by high water levels, but it is hoped the scheme will be up and running by next summer.