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Workington to Carlisle route to be opened today

the West coast line has been closed since Friday after high tides destroyed parts of the rails and wall between Siddick and Flimby

Engineers have been working 24 hours a day to get the line reopened. Network Rail hopes that will be working later this morning.

Around 50 workers have been working in 12 hour shifts to rebuild the wall and reinstate the track.

Martin Frobisher, Network Rail area director, said:

"We are very keen to get it running again as quickly as we can, but you can see the scale of the damage - it's a huge piece of work.

"When railways follow the sea so closely, for many it is an ongoing battle to maintain the sea defences.

"There is a huge amount of damage. We are working round the clock to reinstate the railway and our priority is get the services running again."

– Martin Frobisher, Network Rail

Services between Maryport and Barrow resumed on Monday but replacement buses are still in place between Workington and Carlisle.


Carlisle's railway heritage remembered

The Carlisle railway has been around for more than160 years and at one time accommodated seven railway companies on eight separate lines.

This weekend hundreds of delegates are descending on Carlisle to celebrate its influence.

The Carlisle Railway History Conference is a three day event looking at the importance of the city's station and the railways that made Carlisle one of the most important stations of the day, serving England and Scotland and employing more than 4,000 workers.

Full Report: Rail fare hikes

There has been an angry reaction to the latest increase in rail fares.

Ticket prices have gone up by an average of 3.9% , meaning regular commuters will now have to shell out hundreds of pounds more, to travel the same distance.

Unions are calling it the Great Train Robbery, saying it's the 10th successive rise, above inflation.

Operators insist the extra money will allow them to improve the rail network.

Watch the full report from Hannah McNulty below.

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