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Flooding: How to prepare your property

  • Switch off water, gas and electricity at mains before water enters your home
  • Do not touch sources of electricity when standing in water
  • Use flood protection products if you have them, eg sandbags, airbrick covers
  • Disconnect washing machines and dishwashers

For more information on how to prepare your property in advance see the Environment Agency website.


Environment Agency issue flood alerts across England

The Environment Agency have issued flood warnings across England.

Two flood warnings and two flood alerts have been issued on the Cumbria coast.

Flood alert for Scottish Borders

A costal flood alert has been issued for Scottish Borders.

High tides are expected this afternoon which could cause low lying ground to flood, especially in places like Eyemouth.

Members of the public are being urges to remain vigilant and safe.

Advice and information is available through Floodline on 0845 9881188 or on the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's website here.

Coastal areas at risk of flooding

The Environment Agency is warning coastal areas in Cumbria and southern Scotland is at risk of flooding. The coastline in the west, from Gretna to Barrow, could flood later today affecting coastal communities and travel.

Winds of between 70 and 80 miles an hour on exposed sections of coastline are set to coincide with a high spring tide resulting in large waves and high water levels. The latest flood alerts from the Environment Agency are issued here and from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency here

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