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What does the Spending Review mean for Scotland? Opposition parties call the Chancellor's tax credit U-turn a humiliating climbdown. George Osborne says he listened to concerns. He promises more cash to pay for major invesment north of the Border, but the Scottish Government claims it's facing a budget cut. We'll analyse the figures and talk to the Deputy First Minister.

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And then there were fifty four. Another of the SNP's fifty six MPs resigns the party whip as police investigate missing funds. And a demand for the Scottish government to apologise to farmers over late european payments. We speak to the First Minister about those delays and her plans to give more power to rural communities.

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Nicola Sturgeon's shift on Syria. The First Minister says she's prepared to listen to the case for extending military action. But a senior nationalist MSP from the South of Scotland tells Representing Border more airstrikes would be counter productive and play into the hands of the so called Islamic State.


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The Scottish Parliament's message to the people of France. The parties unite to offer condolences to all those affected by the Paris attacks. The First Minister tells MSPs events in the French capital should not prevent Scotland from welcoming Syrian refugees. At Westminster the Prime Minister says the attacks strengthen the case for UK strikes against Islamic State in Syria.

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