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Kendal Town FC's Commercial Manager resigns amid allegations he made a racist comment

Graham O'Callaghan has been accused of posting a racist comment on Facebook Credit: Kendal Town Football Club website

Kendal Town Football Club's Commercial Manager Graham O'Callaghan, has resigned following allegations he made a racist comment on Facebook.

He denied the claim on his Facebook page.

"I will deny that the comment was racist. It was taken totally wrongly by someone and for that I will apologise unreservedly. Unfortunately I have taken this measure to try and reduce the impact it might have on a truly brilliant football club.I will repeat that I am not racist and it was made in an innocent way. Those that know me well will know this. But in this modern age, I have fallen foul of what is expected from a director of a club. Good luck to all at that club."

– Graham O'Callaghan

In a statement, the club said the posts "are not linked, supported or endorsed" by Kendal Football Club, and that O'Cllaghan had made "the sacrifice" to "prevent any accidental links or embarrassment that may be caused".

Scottish Borders Councillor resigns over code of conduct breach

A Scottish Borders councillor has resigned from his role as Chairman of the Planning Committee after a hearing found he breached the code of conduct.

Ron Smith stepped down from that role and also the role of Executive Member for Planning and Environment.

He failed to declare a non-financial interest in relation to a planning application during a meeting.

"I very much regret the decision of the Standards Commission but this seems to have arisen from differing interpretations of the councillors' code of conduct.

"At all times, I have sought to represent the best interests of my constituents and of Borderers.

"Reflecting on the Commission's decision however, I have decided to step down as Chair of the Planning and Building Standards Committee and as Executive Member for Planning and Environment.

– Councillor Ron Smith, Scottish Borders Council

"Ron Smith is a hard working councillor and works tirelessly for his constituents.

"I accept but am naturally disappointed with the Standards Commission decision; I believe this stemmed from a genuine difference in interpreting the Councillors' Code of Conduct.

"I fully respect Ron's decision and look forward to continuing to work with him on the council and to his playing a significant part in council business in the future.

"I and other elected members across the political spectrum have a very high regard for the work that Ron does."

– Councillor David Parker, Leader of Scottish Borders Council


Scottish Borders Councillor resigns

Councillor Nathaniel Buckingham, who represents the Tweeddale West ward, has announced his resignation from Scottish Borders Council (SBC).

Councillor Buckingham, who is a member of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, became a Councillor in May 2012 and will stand down from his position on Monday 29th July.

“In recent weeks it has become clear to me that I am not able to effectively balance the competing commitments of a young family, my work and my Council responsibilities and therefore it is with regret that I am standing down from my position as Councillor for Tweeddale West.

“Since being elected in May 2012 I have put a great amount of time and energy into the role, which I have found to be all consuming.

"I have also continued my professional career and despite trialling different working arrangements, I have been unable to find a balance that does justice to any of my commitments: my family; my career; or my constituents.

“I truly appreciate all the support that has been offered to me over the last eighteen months. Having stood for election in good faith and with an enthusiasm for what I would bring to the position, this is not a decision that I have taken lightly.

– Councillor Buckingham

Cumbria County Council's cabinet member resigns

Councillor Tim Knowles has resigned from Cumbria County Council's cabinet.

At the cabinet meeting in Carlisle, Councillor Knowles took the opportunity to read out a resignation speech.

Councillor Knowles, who is a member for Cleator Moor and Frizington for the Labour Party, supported the move towards looking for a possible site to bury high level nuclear waste in west Cumbria- excluding the National Park.

"Sadly, I believe the unique events of last Wednesday left me with no choice but to resign as the Administration's Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment with immediate effect.

"When a council Leader makes comments such as 'I'm not prepared to prostitute our Cumbrian soul or heritage for silver coins', apparently associating them with years of work by members, officers and Cumbrian partners, I think we are entitled to ask what sort of leadership he is providing.

– Councillor Tim Knowles

Before he left Councillor Knowles thanked officers and his cabinet colleagues.

Chairman pays tribute to Harry Cairney

Harry Cairney's been in charge at Galabank twice, having taken over for the second time in 2006.

He led Annan into the Scottish Football League but now he's decided to step down.

Harry released a statement explaining the pressure of balancing football with his family life and his day job as a teacher was affecting his health.

The Chairman for Annan Athletic, Henry McClelland, paid tribute to the former manager:

Annan Athletic manager resigns

Harry Cairney has resigned as manager of Annan Athletic, after six years with the south of Scotland club.

The 51-year-old said that family and health matters, along with a recent spell of bad results were contributing factors in his decision to leave.

"In recent times, and I don’t just mean the last month, I have found it very difficult to manage the time I spend with my family, my job and carrying out my duties as Annan Athletic manager.

"The recent run of bad results has not made this any easier and I find myself worrying about football matters when I should be focussing on other areas of my life."

"I would like to thank all players past and present for their efforts on the pitch and on the training ground.

"Thanks, also, to the fans who have faithfully turned up game after game, home and away to cheer the team on."

– Harry Cairney, former Annan Athletic manager