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Changing the course of Leith's history

Rivers were straightened to expand surrounding land and make farming easier Credit: ITV Border

The course of a river near Penrith will be changed dramatically.

A major restoration project has been underway to reverse the historic straightening of the River Leith and return it to a more natural and meandering state.

Adding natural bends to the river will improve surrounding areas for wildlife Credit: ITV Border

The old route of the river has been dug out and the water will be diverted into the former channel.

The re-connection event will be carried out by Lord Lonsdale, today Wednesday 18 June.

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Work underway on River Leith restoration

A major restoration project has started on the River Leith near Penrith to return the river to a more natural state after historic straightening and widening.

The work is being managed by the Eden Rivers Trust, as well as the tenant farmer, land owner, Environment Agency and Natural England.

A new winding river channel will be excavated on land at Thrimby Hall, Little Strickland, just south of Penrith.

Work will begin with the digging out of the old river channel, adjacent to the straightened section of the River Leith where it runs alongside the railway line.

The river will then be diverted into the restored channel next summer.