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Eyemouth lifeboats get two call outs in 12 hours

RNLI Credit: ITV Border

Lifeboats at the Eyemouth RNLI station have had two call outs in the last 12 hours.

First, the two-man crew of a ten-metre fishing boat, Amathus, had to call for help after the boat developed engine problems around 15 miles to the north east of the town.

The Eyemouth lifeboat reached it at around 10pm, and towed it back to harbour.

Less than 12 hours later both Eyemouth lifeboats were called just after 8am this morning, to help a casualty who had fallen 10 metres while walking along the cliffs at Eyemouth golf course.

The casualty was transferred by stretcher from the shoreline to one of the lifeboats, and was taken back to Eyemouth Harbour.

The casualty was then airlifted to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Eyemouth lifeboat station has two lifeboats because the RNLI recently closed a lifeboat station at St Abbs, just along the coast - a decision that was met with controversy.


MP condemns St Abbs lifeboat station closure

There has been a campaign to keep the station open. Credit: ITV Border

SNP MP Calum Kerr has spoken of his disappointment at the closure of St Abbs Lifeboat Station, today.

It was closed by the RNLI, because the group says the area of coast can be covered by positioning an extra inshore lifeboat at Eyemouth, which is a better use of resources.

Mr Kerr has also praised campaigners, for their fight to keep it open.

I'm hugely disappointed that the RNLI wouldn't reconsider their decision to withdraw the lifeboat service at St Abbs.

However, local people mounted a fantastic and spirited campaign, with the crew themselves continuing to answer calls and save lives even with the closure hanging over them. They deserve our huge thanks and respect.

We did all we could. Our MSP Paul Wheelhouse and I wrote to all the trustees - the only people who could have reversed the decision. Sadly, they weren't persuaded.

Everyone who took part in the campaign should feel proud of themselves. They may not have won, but they have displayed a community spirit and tenacity which is dignified and generous.

In that sense, they've scored a victory, and St Abbs and the Borders are better for it.”

– Calum Kerr MP

Lifeboat station to close amid protests

St Abbs lifeboat station. Credit: ITV Border

RNLI officials will today arrive in St Abbs, to close the fishing village's lifeboat station.

There have been strong protests against the decision, and a 13,000-strong petition was handed in to the RNLI's base, in Poole, last week.

Campaigners say the area is popular with divers, fishermen and people taking part in watersports, and that the closure could cost lives.

But the RNLI has defended the decision, saying it's about making the best use of resources.

Borders village plans to set up own lifeboat service

The RNLI say they will provide an extra boat from Eyemouth. Credit: ITV Border

Residents of a coastal village in the Scottish Borders are making plans to set up their own lifeboat station after the service provided by the RNLI comes to an end today.

Volunteers in St. Abbs say the charity's decision to shut down the 100 year old station could cost lives.

The RNLI say they will provide an extra boat from Eyemouth.


Fisherman rescued by St Abbs

St Abbs were called to rescue a fisherman Credit: ITV Border

A fisherman who got into difficulty off the Berwickhire coast was rescued by the St Abbs lifeboat.

The St Abbs station in the Borders which is set to close next month were alerted of a man drifting out to sea in an inflatable ring who had been caught in a five knot tide.

The fisherman, who was equipped with an VHR radio, fins and a paddle got into difficulty as he rounded West Hurkur.

Using his VHR radio he called the Aberdeen Coastguard who raised the alarm and sent out the St Abbs Lifeboat at 19:55 on Wednesday 5 August.

The fisherman was rescued by the lifeboat close to the Glanmire wreck.

The RNLI has confirmed the 104-year-old St Abbs station will close on Tuesday, September 8, and the lifeboat removed.

However, the move has attracted widespread opposition with more than 5,000 names collected.

To read more on the imminent St Abbs closure and the public campaign to keep it open click the links below.

Date set for lifeboat station closure

The controversial closure plan has attracted widespread local criticism Credit: ITV Border

A Scottish Borders lifeboat station will close in September.

The RNLI today announced that the station in St Abbs, which has been in existence for more than a hundred years, will shut on the eighth of September despite a local campaign to keep it open. The RNLI says its station at Eyemouth, two miles away, can cover the area effectively with the addition of a new inshore lifeboat.

Campaign to reduce Scottish coastline deaths

A coastline rescue. Credit: Scottish RNLI

A campaign has been launched to make people aware of the dangers of the Scottish coastline.

The RNLI is trying to reduce the number of people who drown, with the campaign 'Respect the Water'.

In 2014:

People died around Scotland's coast last year.
Didn't set out to enter the water.
People saved by Scotland's RNLI crews last year.
People died off the Scottish coast in the past five years.

Most people heading for a stroll or run along the coastline probably wouldn’t consider a drowning prevention campaign like this relevant to them as they have no plans at all to enter the water.

We’re warning people that if they’re going near the water, whatever their activity, they could be at risk and they need to take care. Unexpected dangers like slippery rocks, sudden waves or unstable ground can catch anyone out."

– Michael Avril, RNLI Community Incident Reduction Manager for Scotland

Campaign against St Abbs lifeboat closure

Nearly three hundred people have taken part in a protest against the planned closure of the Lifeboat Station in St Abbs. The RNLI wants to shut the station at the end of this summer, after reviewing the use of its services over the last decade. But the village community say they won't give it up without a fight. Jenny Longden reports

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