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Foundation stone for "friendship" cairn is laid

A cairn representing the links between England and Scotland was begun today.

The cairn is the idea of Cumbrian MP Rory Stewart who's been campaigning to persuade Scottish people to vote 'No' in the independence referendum on 18 September.

The 'Yes' campaign have welcomed the cairn but say it will stand as 'a symbol of the continued social union and friendship' between Scotland and the rest of the UK should there be a 'yes' vote.


Penrith MP elected Defence Committee chair

The MP for Penrith and the Border has been voted in to the powerful position as chairman of the Defence Select Committee.

Rory Stewart MP was considered to be one of the favourites for the post in the House of Commons.

The Conservative MP was elected by other members of parliament following the work he's already done as a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

Mr Stewart, who worked as an official in post war Iraq in 2003-04, said it was a "very, very great honour" to be selected for his new role.

Mr Stewart will start his new role heading up the cross-party committee of MPs scrutinising defence policy immediately.

It has been an enormous privilege to stand alongside colleagues who have approached this in such a collegial and kind fashion.

"I have so much to learn from them. I am a very young member, very inexperienced, and it is a very, very great honour."

– Rory Stewart, MP

State Pension Age: MP says people will want to work longer in future

On tonight's edition of Around The House, Conservative MP Rory Stewart backs the plans to raise the State Pension Age in 20 to 30 years' time.

The Penrith and The Border MP praises the experience and "unbelievable energy" of over-65s, and admits they currently make a huge, unpaid, contribution to society:

You can see the full interview on Around The House tonight (Thursday 12th December) at 11.40pm on ITV.