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Davidson: Sturgeon choosing 'path of further division'

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, has responded to Nicola Sturgeon's plans to hold a second Independence Referendum.


Ruth Davidson addresses Conservative Party conference

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party Ruth Davidson addresses the Conservative Party conference at Manchester Central. Credit: Peter Byrne / PA Wire

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has set out her plans to target Holyrood's regional list vote in next year's elections.

She told the Conservative Party conference in Manchester today that she wants those who voted against independence in the 2014 referendum to cast their second vote in support of her party, arguing it is "the intelligent vote for the union".

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Does Conservative leader have new speechwriter in West Wing's Aaron Sorkin?

Credit: 'The American President' - Castle Rock Entertainment

Ever wonder where our politicians get their best lines? Well it seems Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is a fan of fictional American Presidents, and in particaular the scripts of West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin. Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepherd in the 1995 film The American President - a big screen forerunner of the TV series the West Wing. Perhaps a Hollywood rather than a Holyrood career beckons for Ruth Davidson.

Ruth Davidson MSP: ' Scottish Conservatives will pledge an extra 1,000 nurses and midwives for Scotland'

Scottish Conservative party leader Ruth Davidson has pledged to scrap free prescriptions if they get into power in Holyrood.

She told the party conference in Edinburgh that the money would go towards funding 1,000 extra nurses and midwives in the NHS.

Ruth Davidson MSP addresses Scottish Conservative party conference Credit: Danny Lawson/PA

Scottish Conservative party leader pledges 1,000 nurses and midwives if they gain power

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has pledged to scrap free prescriptions in order to fund 1,000 extra nurses and midwives in the NHS if her party gains power at Holyrood.

The additional staff would be recruited using money saved from ending universal free prescriptions, which were introduced by the SNP government almost three years ago.

"Under the SNP, the number of nurses and midwives in Scotland has gone up and down like a fiddler's elbow. Two thousand posts gone over two years.

"Right now - hundreds of places down, creating an intolerable pressure on those who are left.

"It's time we did something about it. That's why today I am able to announce the Scottish Conservatives will pledge an extra 1,000 nurses and midwives for Scotland. And, once introduced, we will not let numbers drop below that mark."

– Ruth Davidson MSP, Scottish Conservative leader


Scottish Conservative leader pays tribute to 'a true revolutionary'

The Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher, following her death this morning.

“Baroness Thatcher was a true Conservative revolutionary - challenging out-dated institutions, confronting vested interests and transforming Britain into a property-owning democracy.

“She empowered millions of people in a way that was previously unimaginable and the positive impact of her legacy with be felt by thousands of families for decades to come.

“She proved to women everywhere there was nothing they couldn't accomplish.

“She will go down in history as one of the truly great Prime Ministers.”

– Ruth Davidson, Leader, Scottish Conservatives

Ruth Davidson MSP reacts to First Minister

"The First Minister dresses this up as a legislative programme about the economy, but it is dominated by one thing only - the Scottish Government's obsession with tearing apart the United Kingdom. His national conversation has turned out to be little more than a national monologue.

Anyone with a view other than the one he already holds is unwelcome to take part. "

– Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives