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Police warn of increase in telephone scams

Telephone scammers are targeting Cumbrians. Credit: PA

The number of people in Cumbria being targeted by scammers over the telephone is increasing, according to the police.

They say the have received information that bogus callers purporting to be from HMRC are ringing people in south and west Cumbria.

One scam to watch out for:

Police say one potential victim received numerous calls from an automated service pretending to be HMRC, asking for money.

After hanging up immediately, the scammer called again and left a voicemail, asking them to ring back.

The potential victim then called the genuine HMRC, who confirmed this type of call is a scam.

There has been a rise in bogus scam callers lately who have been attempting to gain money fraudulently. I would strongly advise anyone who receives calls like this to hang up immediately and get in touch with the police.

A tactic often used is to make you believe that the money in your bank account is in jeopardy if you don’t act straight away. In these circumstances, hang up and contact your bank immediately who will provide the reassurance you need.

– Inspector Jon Sherlock, Community Safety Unit


Banking scammers still calling Dumfries homes

Credit: PA

Police Scotland says several more people have been called in Dumfries and Galloway as part of a telephone banking scam.

Last week, three people were conned out of a total of more than £45,000.

Fraudsters pretending to be ringing from a bank told the householders that their savings were being hacked and needed to be transferred to another account.

The police say that despite the latest calls, no one else has lost any money.


Scammers are 'despicable'

Three people have fallen victim to the scam so far and police are urging the public to be careful Credit: ITV Border

Police have called those responsible for a telephone scam targeting people in Dumfries and Galloway "despicable".

So far, three victims have lost thousands of pounds in the scheme, after receiving a call from someone claiming to be from their bank.

The scammer then convinced the victims to transfer large sums of money from their account, by claiming its security was under threat.

The people who were involved in this type of behaviour are despicable.

To deliberately target vulnerable people and effectively wipe out their life savings in a few minutes is absolutely deplorable."

– Sergeant Steven Wilson, Dumfries and Galloway Police

Third victim loses thousands in banking scam

Credit: PA

A third victim has fallen prey to a banking scam currently targeting Dumfries and Galloway.

The 70-year-old woman, from Newton Stewart, lost £18,000 on Sunday, the highest sum of money stolen yet.

Once again, the caller convinced her to transfer her money into another account due to a supposed threat to her own account.

A number of other near misses have also been reported, where the scam has been identified before any money has been transferred.

Police Scotland ask that anyone who has been called, whether they identified the scam or are actually a victim having transferred funds, contact police immediately.

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