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Banking scammers still calling Dumfries homes

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Police Scotland says several more people have been called in Dumfries and Galloway as part of a telephone banking scam.

Last week, three people were conned out of a total of more than £45,000.

Fraudsters pretending to be ringing from a bank told the householders that their savings were being hacked and needed to be transferred to another account.

The police say that despite the latest calls, no one else has lost any money.


Scammers are 'despicable'

Three people have fallen victim to the scam so far and police are urging the public to be careful Credit: ITV Border

Police have called those responsible for a telephone scam targeting people in Dumfries and Galloway "despicable".

So far, three victims have lost thousands of pounds in the scheme, after receiving a call from someone claiming to be from their bank.

The scammer then convinced the victims to transfer large sums of money from their account, by claiming its security was under threat.

The people who were involved in this type of behaviour are despicable.

To deliberately target vulnerable people and effectively wipe out their life savings in a few minutes is absolutely deplorable."

– Sergeant Steven Wilson, Dumfries and Galloway Police

Third victim loses thousands in banking scam

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A third victim has fallen prey to a banking scam currently targeting Dumfries and Galloway.

The 70-year-old woman, from Newton Stewart, lost £18,000 on Sunday, the highest sum of money stolen yet.

Once again, the caller convinced her to transfer her money into another account due to a supposed threat to her own account.

A number of other near misses have also been reported, where the scam has been identified before any money has been transferred.

Police Scotland ask that anyone who has been called, whether they identified the scam or are actually a victim having transferred funds, contact police immediately.

Second victim loses £15,000 in banking scam

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A second victim has lost £15,000 in a telephone banking scam in Dumfries and Galloway.

Similar to the woman from Newton Stewart who lost £12,000 at the weekend, the 78-year-old from Stranraer was persuaded that his accounts were under threat. The scammer, pretending to be from his bank, convinced him to transfer money to another account, which was in fact the account of the scammer.

Police Scotland want to hear from anyone who may have been contacted by such a caller, whether they actually became a victim or not. Police are also warning the public over the dangers of engaging with anyone who cold calls in this manner.


Warning after woman loses £12,000 in banking scam

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Police Scotland is warning the public about a telephone banking scam that appears to be doing the rounds across Dumfries and Galloway.

The message comes after a woman in Newton Stewart lost over £12,000 on Saturday after transferring money into the account of a scammer claiming to be from her bank.

Police say there were other, similar attempts over the weekend and have warned anyone receiving such a call to completely ignore it and get in touch with them or their own bank to report the matter.

Personal and banking details should never be given out over the phone and banks and building societies never ask for this type of information.

Warning over UK Data Control business scam

Local business have been warned about a scam that is currently doing the rounds in Dumfries and Galloway.

The council’s Trading Standards team have had reports about a letter headed “UK – DATA CONTROL – Missing information about your VAT Registration Number”.

The letter says that the sender is looking to update VAT registration numbers.

However the small print details that the letter is trying to get the business to pay £790 per year for 3 years inclusion on the UK-Data Control portal. There is likely to be no benefit to being included on this portal.

"This letter could easily catch businesses out as it looks like an official communication.

"Trading Standards Officers have checked the UK-Data Control portal website and have noted that several local businesses are already listed on it.

"This would suggest that businesses in Dumfries and Galloway are being targeted and I would urge anyone who has returned the letter unwittingly to seek advice from Trading Standards."

– Colin Smyth, Chair of the Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee

The council says businesses should be aware that they have no obligation to provide any information to this company.

Warning against telephone bank scams

Police in the Borders and East Lothian are issuing a warning following a series of potential telephone banking scams in Duns and North Berwick, which have been reported over the last week.

Bank account holders have been contacted by someone claiming to be from their banks fraud unit informing them of unusual activity on their account. They are told to hang up and immediately call the emergency number on the back of their bank card.

The bogus callers then transfer the caller to a fake bank agent. Thinking that they are speaking to their bank, the account holder discloses their personal details that the culprits require. The callers are then able to transfer large amounts of money out of the alleged 'compromised' bank account.

Warning over bogus phone scam across Cumbria

Cumbria Police are warning people about telephone, computer and cold calling scams that they have recently become aware of.

Officers received information about a scam caller claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service.

The caller claims that there have been a lot of nuisance calls in the resident’s area and that they can stop all nuisance calls for a one off payment.

After payment the caller claims they will send a box that plugs into the telephone socket or attaches to the telephone that will stop nuisance calls.

Police say that this is a scam, and that whilst the TPS is an actual service, they do not sell boxes that stop nuisance calls.

The TPS do not contact subscribers to ask for personal or payment details to complete registration.

You can find out more about the TPS here.

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