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'Dinosaur' skeleton discovered near Kendal

Credit: Lakeland Maze Farm Park

A giant dinosaur skeleton has been found in a field near Kendal.

Aerial photography of the creature suggests that the dinosaur – spotted at Sedgwick, close to M6 junction 36 – is a Tyrannosaurus Rex – a large theropod dinosaur that last roamed the land 66-68 million years ago.

The 'discovery' comes just a month after the launch of the movie Jurassic World which has put terrifying dinosaurs back into the spotlight.

Luckily for those who have seen the movie, this dinosaur will not be coming to life and running rampage through the beautiful South Lakeland countryside. The dinosaur skeleton has actually been cut out of a crop of maize, at the Lakeland Maze Farm Park in Sedgwick, and forms the theme for this year’s family maze.

Children and adults can venture through the dinosaur’s body, negotiating twists and turns on the paths that lead through the maze, as they attempt to find their way out, exiting through the creature’s hand.

The Lakeland Maze Farm Park will be using the design to fire up children’s imaginations, running a story competition that children can enter, throughout the summer, which asks them to create a story on the theme, ‘The day the Sedgwick dinosaur came to life.’

Credit: Lakeland Maze Farm Park

“We hope we won’t be awakening any sleeping dinosaurs, but are sure we will be sparking children’s passion for discovering more about these prehistoric creatures.

"This year’s theme should be a lot of fun and we expect to draw in around 18,000 visitors from across the north west, as well as locals and Lake District holidaymakers. We can almost hear the roar of approval now … unless that is the dinosaur coming to life.”

– Graham Wadsworth, Lakeland Maze Farm Park

Mobile youth club launched

A roaming youth club in the form of a bus is touring west Cumbria to give teenagers something to do in the summer holidays.

The bus is equipped with computer games, mountain bikes and books.

It stops off at different parts of Copeland in evenings and weekends during term time and throughout the school holidays. It's called the 'Big White Van' and is run by Young Cumbria and manned by qualified youth counsellors who can give advice and assistance to youngsters.

It was introduced by Copeland after a similar scheme in Allerdale was successful.

A survey in the Copeland area found that 86% of young people wanted one of the vans in their area.

"The aim of the vans is to try to address the problem of the lack of youth services in West Cumbria and issues such as boredom and antisocial behaviour among young people."

– Spokesperson, 'Big White Van' Scheme