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First Scots vote in independence referendum

First voters cast their votes in Scottish independence referendum as polls opened at 7am. It is a busy morning in the border town at Eyemouth with the first 50 voters already through the door.

First voters at a polling station in Eyemouth. Credit: ITV News

Nearly 4.3 million people have registered for the vote that is expected to see a record turnout.


'The Final Push' for Yes and No campaigns

On the eve of the independence referendum Scotland's First Minister is calling on Scots to choose hope over fear.

Alex Salmond will tonight address the final rally of his long campaign and claim tomorrow's vote is what he calls "the opportunity of a lifetime".

But Gordon Brown, speaking at his final rally in Glasgow earlier, made a passionate plea for the Union.

The former Prime Minister told supporters the SNP want to break links with neighbours and friends in the United Kingdom and he claimed SNP policies could send Scotland down an economic trapdoor.

Below are Border's reports from both campaigns, as they geared up for the The Final Push:

Farming community as divided as the rest of Scotland

Many of the people in Scotland come from rural towns and villages, where farming has a huge impact on the economy. Farming subsidies and trade has been a key battleground for local campaigners from both sides.

Jenny Longden has been speaking to two farmers with opposite views, on what they think the referendum means to The Farming Industry.

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