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Poll: Are you concerned about a rise in premiums for everyone as a result of flooding across the country?

The fierce storms and torrential downpours in the last month of 2015 contributed to the wettest month in the UK since records began - despite record warmth for a December.

ITV News Border is working with insurance bosses, to investigate whether homeowners who escaped the floods will see a rise in premiums. And how much people who did get flooded can expect to pay.

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WATCH: retired driver watches Flying Scotsman's return

Tommy Haydon began driving trains in 1947, and did so for more than 40 years.

He was at Carlisle Railway Station today to see the return of the Flying Scotsman... and he's confident he could still drive it:

They were buying these, and doing them up, and they asked me if I wanted to volunteer to drive them. So I was one of the volunteers."

"Would you have liked to have had a go driving it again?"

"Oh aye I could still drive it."

– Tommy Haydon


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