Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond at the second television debate over Scottish independence in Glasgow.

Referendum poll woes for 'No'

Pro-UK campaign call on 'silent majority' to speak up as poll shows that public opinion may be changing.

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Farmers face lower grain profits

Despite high yields in the South of Scotland, the National Farmers Union says producers are struggling to make a profit due to a fall in market prices.

Our Borders reporter Jenny Longden has been at a farm near Duns to find out, what it may mean to farmers, and ultimately consumers.

Well earlier Ian Payne spoke to Andy Hindhaugh, who sells crops for a living. He began by asking him to explain why, if it has been a good harvest, can it be a bad year for farmers?


Grain prices are 'disappointing'

Farmers say that despite a bumper yield during harvesting time this year, they are being paid much less for the grain they produce.

Farmers across the region are being paid up to £100 less per tonne on last year, for grains including wheat, oats and barley.

The approximate grain prices for 2013 to 2014 are:

  • Winter Barley: -£50 per tonne
  • Oil Seed Rape: -£100 per tonne
  • Malting Barley: -£100 per tonne

Schools speed check catches 70 drivers

Police Scotland are carrying out speed checks near primary schools
Police Scotland are carrying out speed checks near primary schools Credit: PA

70 drivers have been stopped in a new scheme which is encouraging drivers to exercise more caution around schools.

Speed checks are being carried out outside 20 primary schools across Lothians and the Borders. Since the scheme began on the 19th August, 70 drivers have been stopped for offences including speeding and dangerous parking.

Police hope this will encourage drivers to slow down and park considerately.


Darling: 'No thanks' to independence

Both sides in the referendum campaign are claiming that David Cameron's visit to Scotland will boost their cause.

The SNP believe his appearance north of the Border helps win votes for the 'yes' side. But Better Together's leader insists it will boost the case for a 'no' vote.

Alistair Darling says any voice making a powerful case for the Union is welcome in the run-up to September the 18th.

Answering questions on the key issues ahead of September's vote, Mr Darling told our Scotland political editor, Peter MacMahon, a referendum was different from a general election:

Cameron talks business with Scotland

David Cameron has spent the day in Scotland campaigning for a 'no' vote in September's independence referendum. Later this evening, the Prime Minister is expected to say the UK is one of the world's 'oldest and most successful single markets'.

But Alex Salmond has accused him of 'tinkering' with an exit from another single market: the European Union. Joe Pike reports:

Yes vote will create a 'prosperous economy and just society'

The Prime Minister David Cameron will address the business organisation CBI Scotland's annual dinner in Glasgow.

Cameron is expected to tell business leaders that the UK supports one million Scottish jobs whilst making his case for the country to remain in the Union.

It comes the day after a group of 200 business leaders signed an open letter expressing their support for a 'Yes' vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

First Minister Alex Salmond was asked what an independent Scotland could offer businesses that can't be offered currently:

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