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'The Final Push' for Yes and No campaigns

On the eve of the independence referendum Scotland's First Minister is calling on Scots to choose hope over fear.

Alex Salmond will tonight address the final rally of his long campaign and claim tomorrow's vote is what he calls "the opportunity of a lifetime".

But Gordon Brown, speaking at his final rally in Glasgow earlier, made a passionate plea for the Union.

The former Prime Minister told supporters the SNP want to break links with neighbours and friends in the United Kingdom and he claimed SNP policies could send Scotland down an economic trapdoor.

Below are Border's reports from both campaigns, as they geared up for the The Final Push:

Farming community as divided as the rest of Scotland

Many of the people in Scotland come from rural towns and villages, where farming has a huge impact on the economy. Farming subsidies and trade has been a key battleground for local campaigners from both sides.

Jenny Longden has been speaking to two farmers with opposite views, on what they think the referendum means to The Farming Industry.


Scotland Decides: How the Referendum Will Work

Millions of Scots will head to the polls to vote in the independence referendum Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images
  • 32 counts across Scotland
  • 2,608 polling places
  • Two counts in the Border region: Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders
  • Over 4.2m people have registered to vote
  • That's 97.8% of the population
  • 789,024 of those are postal votes
  • Approximately 80% of postal votes have been returned
  • 120% of ballot papers required have been printed so they shouldn't run out.
  • Polls open at 7am Thursday September 18th 2014
  • Polls close at 10pm - but anyone still in a queue to vote at that point will be able to cast their vote.
  • Local results will be announced at individual counts
  • The Chief Counting Officer will announce the final result.
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Salmond: Underdogs have a habit of winning sometimes

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said the Yes campaign may still be the underdog in the referendum, but added, "Underdogs have a habit of winning sometimes".

Alex Salmond meets shoppers at East Kilbride Shopping Centre on the last day of campaigning. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
Scotland's First Minister signs autographs the day before the historic referendum. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
Shoppers crowd around Alex Salmond as he leaves East Kilbride Shopping Centre. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Slender lead for No camp in latest poll

The No campaign continues to have a slender lead over Yes ahead of tomorrow's Scottish independence referendum, the latest opinion poll has suggested.

A Panelbase survey found 52% of Scots are to vote for the union, with 48% favouring independence, when undecided voters are excluded. The result is exactly the same as three separate polls which were published last night.

The Panelbase survey, which came out less that 24 hours before voting gets under way in the referendum, continues to suggest the campaign over the future of the UK could go down to the wire.

  • Exactly half of the 1,004 people who were questioned said they would be voting No to independence, with 45% voting Yes
  • Just five percent of voters have still to make up their mind
  • 54% of all men questioned were Yes voters, ahead of 44% voting No and three percent who are undecided
  • 39% of women questioned said they would be voting Yes tomorrow, with 54% backing No and seven percent undecided
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