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Veteran's road to recovery

Vince Davidson lived most of his life in the shed for 15 years, coming out rarely but this year he's been able to leave it behind and start re-integrating fully with his family, who have stood by him throughout all his dark days.

His recovery has also been been helped by an organisation in the Borders, where he can work with horses to help overcome his anxiety. He says it is something that has made a big difference.

Vince working with the organisation in the Borders Credit: ITV News Border

Vince has also turned his attention to helping other soldiers. He's set up a group called Veterans Helping Veterans and met up with many former colleagues.

Veterans Helping Veterans group Credit: ITV News Border

Veteran lived in a shed for 15 years

After the war Vince Davidson said his physical and mental health worsened and too embarrassed to say anything he decided to leave the army.

Within a few years he had started living in this shed in the garden of his family home - a bubble where he could be alone with his problems.

Vince Davidson lived in his shed for around 15 years Credit: ITV News Border

His decision to leave the shed came after one daughter encouraged him to contact former colleagues on Facebook and discovered that he was not alone in suffering from problems related to the Gulf War.

Since then he's started an organisation called Veterans Helping Veterans and regularly meets others who are suffering from post traumatic stress or other issues.

Gulf War Veteran helps other soldiers

Former soldier Vince Davidson (right hand side) Credit: Vince Davidson

A former soldier who spent around 15 years living in his garden shed after suffering from what he believes is Gulf War syndrome has set up an organisation to help others.

Vince Davidson from Coldstream says he became physically and mentally ill after being given a range of injections to prepare him for the war.

He's now started a group called "Veterans helping Veterans".


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