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Watch Border Life: The Polish map of Scotland

Most people drive straight through the village of Eddleston. They don’t know what they’re missing.

It’s home to an amazing 3D map of Scotland. It was built by the Polish to thank local people for their hospitality during World War II.

As Fiona Armstrong discovers, the map is currently being restored but still attracts visitors from all over the world.

Soon water will fill the map’s rivers, lochs and seas and it will look even more incredible.

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Watch Border Life: The tea factory

Emma Baker visits a paper mill that produces the material for a tenth of all the world’s tea bags.

The technology is amazing.

And did you know that teabags are tasted for flavour as well as tea?! That’s why the company has developed a top secret ‘tasteless teabag’.

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NHS Borders: Cancelled operations double

Borders General Hospital Credit: ITV Border

NHS Borders have put the high level of cancelled operations in August down to a failure in a specialist ventilation system used in the operating theatre.

Explaining the health board’s commitment to patient safety, Evelyn Rodger, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Acute Services said:

I recognise that a cancelled procedure is extremely frustrating for a patient and their family. The safety and clinical needs of our patients will always be considered first.

The failure of the laminar air flow system has had quite an impact on our theatre cancellations this month. Immediate action was taken to fix the problem with this highly specialist piece of equipment, but it did mean that one of the theatres was out of action for four days.

August also saw a high number of emergency admissions requiring surgery, which meant that in nine cases, the emergency procedures took clinical priority.

No one takes a decision to cancel a procedure lightly – it matters too much to our patients - and a dedicated piece of work is underway to improve our performance in this area.”

– Evelyn Rodger, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Acute Services

Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland and health spokesperson, has said that the SNP Government needs address why NHS Borders is continuing to cancel operations for non-clinical reasons.

The comments came after the numbers released show the percentage of cancelled operations in NHS Borders is higher than the national average.

The latest statistics show that 7.7% of operations were cancelled in the Borders due to capacity or non-clinical reasons in August, twice that of recent months (3.8% in July and 3.9% in June).

of operations were cancelled in the Borders due to capacity or non-clinical reasons in August.

Mr Hume commented:

Questions need to be asked of the Health Secretary as to why NHS Borders is continually being forced to cancel operations due to capacity or non-clinical reasons, and why there’s now a doubling of cancellations since June.

Clearly the SNP Government isn’t putting enough support where it should be, resulting in staff shortages and added pressure on existing staff. That’s no good for patient health and safety, and it’s no good for staff morale.

A lack of support from the SNP government means our hard working NHS staff are consistently being asked to do more with less, and patients are being made to take the hit through cancelled operations.”

– Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP

Compliments to the young Kelso chefs

Albert Roux judged the Rotary Young Chef Competition Credit: Phil Wilkinson Photography

Pupils from Kelso High School in the Borders have had a Home Economics class to remember.

Sixteen teenagers have been competing in the Rotary Young Chef Competition judged by world-renowned chef Albert Roux.

Mr Roux, the first chef in the UK to win three Michelin Stars said:

I was overwhelmed by the standard of cooking by our young cooks, who have shown they have the raw talent and determination to become the chefs of the future."

– Albert Roux, celebrity chef
Karrie Petty from Kelso won the competition Credit: Phil Wilkinson Photography

Pupils from Kelso High School have been working towards the competition throughout the school year with support from the home economics department.

Karrie Petty, 16, was the winner with her grilled mackerel, butter cabbage and sweet potato with an autumn raspberry tart with almond pastry for dessert:

I'm really pleased. I didn't expect to win."

– Karrie Petty, Kelso High student and winner of the young chef competition

Karrie and the runner up Katie Fairgrieve will now got through to the next round of the Rotary Young Chef Competition.


Borders Railway: Over 125,000 journeys in first month

The Borders Railway re-opened in September Credit: ITV Border

Exactly one month since the line opened on Sunday 6 September, more than 125,000 passenger journeys have been made on the Borders Railway.

Public interest in the new line soared following almost a week of celebrations which came to an end at the official opening by Her Majesty The Queen on Wednesday 9 September.

As demand to travel is so high, ScotRail has added additional carriages to busy trains.

The 125,971 total passenger journeys have included students, commuters, tourists and eager rail enthusiasts.

Over 125,000 passenger journeys have been made in the first month alone. Credit: ITV Border

As well as this figure, 17 sold out steam trains will have run on the line before mid-October, carrying around 6,200 passengers on special return journeys from Edinburgh to Tweedbank.

Phil Verster, managing director of the ScotRail Alliance, said:

The incredible interest in the Borders Railway over the first few weeks highlights what a remarkable achievement has been made by the opening of the new line.

By helping to create new opportunities for the people of the Scottish Borders, Midlothian and Edinburgh, this line better connects the regions and benefits both the local people and the local economy.

There is a great future ahead for Scotland’s railways, and the Borders Railway is an exciting part of that.”

– Phil Verster, ScotRail Alliance
Borders Railway re-opened in September Credit: ITV Border

Minister for Transport and Islands, Derek Mackay, said:

The historic reopening of the Borders Railway has clearly captured people’s interest and I am delighted to see the soaraway success of services and impressive passenger numbers.

It is particularly good to see the Borders and Midlothian reap the benefits of being reconnected to Scotland’s rail network after an absence of almost half a century.

Alongside delivering greater connectivity through landmark projects such as the Borders Railway, the Scottish Government is committed to a record £5 billion investment in our railways to improve rolling stock, rail infrastructure, as well as recruiting 100 new train drivers, all of which will ensure that Scotland’s rail network remains among the best in the UK.”

– Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport and Islands

Councillor David Parker, Leader of Scottish Borders Council, added:

I was always confident that the Borders Railway would be a success, but even a passionate railway supporter such as myself has been taken aback by the huge numbers who have embraced the new service.

We have not only had Borderers using the service for work and recreation but many people from the central belt have been jumping on board to visit our region. The knock-on effect has already been seen, with local businesses such as cafes and restaurants reporting extra trade.

The aim of the Borders Railway Blueprint programme is for the railway to stimulate growth in our businesses, investment into our region and to create new jobs - already we are starting to see signs of all three and it bodes very well for the future.”

– Councillor David Parker

Police appeal for information on Kelso armed robbery continues

Police continue to appeal for information on the armed robbery that took place at the Original Factory Shop in Kelso Credit: ITV Border

Police have reissued an appeal for information following a robbery in the Scottish Borders.

Yesterday morning three men raided the Original Factory Shop on Bowmont Street in Kelso at around nine o'clock armed with an "electrical implement".

They assaulted two female members of staff before making off with a sum of cash in a rust coloured Toyota Celica car.

The men are described as looking dishevelled and wearing green balaclavas.

Albert Roux will be the judge of that

Celebrity chef Albert Roux will judge the competition Credit: PA

Pupils from a Scottish Borders school will be trying to impress a legendary celebrity chef with their culinary skills today.

Albert Roux is judging Kelso High School's Rotary Young Chef Competition.

There are sixteen pupils competing. They will cook a two-course meal with the hope of being crowned the winner.

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